The crossing of the crossing in the YHT route of the cone will end

YDA cross-section of the crossing of the victim will end: Konya, the one-to-one tracking point of the AK Party Deputy Ziya Altunyaldız, High-speed train line in the passage of grave in June, while expressing that they would follow, said that the flight of Tehran also is a follower.

Ziya Altunyaldız, Chairman of the AK Party and Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources, Information and Technology Commission, said, “We continue to work on our flights to show the proximity of Konya to the people. In this context, we continue to work on our Tehran flights. We talked with our General Manager about Turkish Airlines. The process continues. Searching for a certain passenger capacity. This room has the capacity to provide passenger capacity. Once we have reached a certain stage, we will meet with THY officials again. We expect to finalize that job. O

Altunyaldız stated that they endeavored to solve the problems in relation to the YHT station area and said hatt In the Konya-Karaman railway line, especially in the Meram region, it was necessary to make the passage from the bottom and the top. The number of these was expressed in 15-20. We have lived in this area for a long time, which has caused our citizens to suffer. Previously, we held meetings with the institutions in our Konya. We made decisions there. These passages had an 3 interlocutor; TCDD, Meram Municipality and Metropolitan Municipality. We have demonstrated what should be done in each time period. Assignments were made. They teamed up on the spot. As a result of these reviews, all sub-passages, overpasses and pedestrian crossings on Konya-Karaman will be completed by June of this year. We made the final assignments. We are also ending the grievances of our citizens in this region in June Bu.

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