Transfer Period Will Begin in Bursaray with Kent Square Project

With the City Square Project, the Transfer Period Will Start in Bursaray: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe announced that Çekirge and Kükürtlü Streets will be one-way, and a new viaduct will be built for the Acemler, which causes the traffic to lock on the İzmir road.

Recep Altepe, who attended the monthly meeting of Bursa Journalists Association Board of Directors, discussed the traffic issue of Bursa with journalists.

Stating that they set a new direction every day in order to relieve the urban traffic in Bursa, Mayor Altepe said, “We are constantly making arrangements in urban traffic. We do something new every day to help you relax. In most places it is necessary to go in one direction. One of the points we consider among them is Çekirge Caddesi. What do we need to do one way there, we look at them. Some additional roads need to be opened. We need to establish a system where traffic flows easily. He said, "Going from Çekirge Avenue to Heykel, and returning from Çarşamba Street from Kükürtlü will return."

New viaduct for Acemler

Announcing for the first time that they will build a new viaduct before arriving at the Novice crossroads, Recep Altepe said that the viaduct that will rise over the land where the destroyed police house is located in Acemler will be connected to the nearby ring road.

Altepe said, “We are building additional viaducts in Acemler and we have done his projects. Before the Novice Crossroads, we make another distinction. The project is being done and we are starting the construction fast. There will be a double lane road to return from novices to the ring road. We will build another viaduct from the collapsed buildings opposite the security building in Acemler and connect it to the ring road from above. If there are 3 thousand vehicles per hour, a 3 thousand vehicles should pass here. Connect to the ring road. We are also enlarging the rose junction one more lane. We take it out to 3 lanes. The main road should never narrow. Let it continue as 3 lanes. I wish the batchens were made in 3 lanes. For example, Mudanya road started as 2 lanes. I stopped him. We do not have 2 lanes, we can pass the rail system and we can make the subway. It started 1 year late. But it was 3 lanes. All 3 lanes from the Korupark intersection, ”he said.

Transfer period in Bursaray

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe Kestel-Görükle carrying passengers between the 32 kilometers Bursaray line will be transferred with the new City Square Project announced.

Stating that they want to establish a transfer station under the destroyed island within the scope of the New City Square project carried out by the Municipality of Osmangazi, Altepe said, “We have completed our projects. Dündar said we want to meet with the President and implement it.

Stating that there is no such long rail line anywhere in the world, Altepe said, “Bursaray is very long. It is not normal for a passenger to get on from Kestel and go to Görükle. We also think that there should be a transfer in Kent Square. This is the case all over the world. We did his projects. It is not normal to travel 32 kilometers directly from the university to Kestel. There are examples of 14-15 kilometers without an average transfer. In Osmangazi Municipality, we will create baks under the demolished buildings within the scope of the new city square project. We prepared the project and we will meet with the Mayor of Osmangazi. "There will be a transfer station there."

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