The Joy of Collective Agreement at Kayseri Transportation Inc.

Collective Agreement Joy in Kayseri Transportation INC: Collective agreement negotiations ended in Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. At the end of the collective bargaining negotiations with the Öz Transportation İş Union affiliated to Hak İş, an agreement was reached and signatures were signed. Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Hüseyin Beyhan stated that they always consider the peace of the employees.

Transportation A.Ş. General Manager Feyzullah Gündoğdu said that they made the first collective agreement as a company. Gündoğdu stated that according to the collective agreement which will be valid for three years, the salaries of the employees will give rise on average 10 for the first year and increase in inflation will be provided in the second year. Gündoğdu emphasized that they will have put together a performance based management system together with the collective agreement and said, göre According to this system, the personnel will have an additional increase as they develop themselves Gün.

Mustafa Toruntay, Chairman of the Self-Carriage Trade Union affiliated with Hak İş, who is a party to the contract, expressed his satisfaction with the conclusion of the collective bargaining negotiations that will be valid from November 1 and stated that the Self-Carriage Trade Union would sign the first contract in Kayseri.


Hüseyin Beyhan, the General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that Transportation Inc. is a company in the growth stage and said, “The more growth we have, the more employees we will have. Bey Beyhan stated We did not oppress inflation and always paid their rights on time. As long as you can't pay the employee in time, no matter how much the numbers are, they don't make sense. We have always considered the peace of our employees in our municipality. From now it is happening like this. Our collective agreement; Good for our company, our employees and our union. ”

Participating in the Signature Ceremony of Collective Bargaining Negotiations, President of Hak İş Confederation Mahmut Arslan stated that Hizmet İş Trade Union affiliated to the Confederation in Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality has been organized for 22 years and stated that they have never had any problems so far. Örnek We have created a workplace. ” Arslan wished that the collective agreement would be beneficial to all parties.
After the speeches, Transportation Inc. and Öz Transport Business signed the collective agreement. After the signature of the signatures, Transportation A.Ş. employees presented flowers to Hüseyin Beyhan, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality.



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