A giant logistics center is installed on Kartepeye

A giant logistics center is being established in Kartepe: The 2010 stage work begins in 2 behind Kartepe Köseköy Logistics Center. A central 59 hectare area will be established.

The work for the establishment of a logistics center in 2008 by the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways was started in Kartepe Kösköy. 1. The stage was completed in 151 with the nationalization of land of 2010 thousand square meters. Following this project, the project was prepared by the General Directorate of State Railways on the 2 of the Logistics Village. According to the project, within the logistic center to be established in the area of ​​68,71 hectares, Logistics Directorate Building, Customs Directorate Building, Social Facilities, Mechanical Workshop, Wagon Workshop, Loko Maintenance Workshop, 2 Warehouse, Weigher Building, Entrance Control Building, Heat Center, Station Building, Traffic Watch Tower, Katener Car Garage will be found. The container storage area of ​​the center where dangerous goods will not be stored will be approximately 60 thousand square meters.

In the Köseköy Logistics Center project, it is planned to make 2 million 500 thousand tons of storage annually by using modern technological systems. TCDD aims to carry more than 6 million tons of cargo per year by completing the logistics villages where all transportation, logistics and goods distribution is carried out both nationally and internationally.

In the Köseköy Logistics Center project, 150 is considered to be working during the construction phase and approximately 45 will be in operation during the operation phase. Approximately 353 thousand 245 square meters of the area where the action will be made while the expropriation process was completed and the project was started. In the following days, the project is expected to be informed about the project.


Source : I www.kocaelibarisgazetesi.co



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