Ropeway Briefing for Kartepe Assembly Members

Ropeway Briefing for Kartepe Assembly Members: All the members of the council and the participants were briefed about the point reached in the Teleferik Project, which was built with the systematic, planned and persistent follow-up of the Kartepe Mayor Hüseyin Üzülmez who built the Kartepesi of the Future.

The main project, which is followed by the curiosity of all Kent public opinion especially Kartepeliler, was told by the Project Directorate in the Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Cultural Center, by cinevision presentation and audio and video. With the presentation of the guests, the cable car project was pleased with everyone, and the question marks were removed in the ones who did not have enough information about the cable car.

10 minutes at the 480 person peak

Plan Project Manager Ferda Şahin said in her presentation: met The 4,7 km 1 of the project will start at the station in the Kuzu Yayla Recreation Area starting from the Derbent Hikmetiye Tourism Zone station. 10 is the approximate 1 minute travel time. In our stage, a cabin 10 personality is planned as 48 person capacity from the total 480 cabin at one time.

Acknowledgments to Minister Işık and President Karasosmanoğlu

After the presentation, President Üzülmez said: Kara Our National Minister of Defense Mr. Fikri Işık and our ENT Chairman Mr. İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, who supported us from the first day on, have great efforts in the project. The Minister of Forestry and the Ministry of Transport made great contributions to the process. Our station in Hikmetiye belonged to our Metropolitan Municipality. He was devoted to the appreciation of our President and the appreciation of the parliament. De Once again, he expressed his thanks.

Don't worry: 50 Approaching Annual Dream

President Üzülmez continued his words; Dik We have reached the tender stage with the build-operate transfer model in our gel Teleferik Project ”, which is our annual dream of 50. We are now at a point where we will get results in the near future. In case there is no suitable investor, our plan B is ready to provide solutions with our state resources so that the project is not finished. We are planning a new facility that will provide economic vitality and mobility at the location where Hikmetiye is at the departure station. If you want to do skiing in the winter, summer tourists and tourists from the countryside to the ski resort 10-15 will be able to reach the ski resort in a period of minutes. Our real dream is the second stage to connect to Hikmetiye station from Seka camp area, which we will pass over the lake. It was planned as two stages because it was not possible to do it physically and technically. In the second stage, the permits of the relevant institutions have been completed and the process continues. Da

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