Kars to Lead Smart City Application

Kars, Pioneering Smart City Application to You: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, "Today one of our citizens in Turkey do not even want to remain deprived of access to the internet. For this İnternetsiz ev kalmasın We are starting a mobilization with the name of "he said.

Minister Arslan, in his speech at the Kars Smart City and Fiberkent Project promotion ceremony, said that they put forward an exemplary work in Kars.

Expressing that they want to make Kars a world city and that the way is through informatics and communication, Arslan said that Kars will be made more known in the world by giving it a smart city identity.

Arslan, Turkey's communications and IT infrastructure stronger, he said they spent many innovative applications.

Pointing out that important progress has been made in “inter-machine communication” in many fields, Arslan said, “In parallel with these developments, we have started and continue important works such as smart cities and roads. We opened a new page in the history of transportation. In line with the 2023 Smart Transportation Vision, we started to equip highways with information and communication technologies. We started the smart transformation in our cities for more livable cities. " he spoke.

Arslan, smart city solutions to be made more efficient in public services, fuel and energy will be saved by explaining, smart city applications began to provide a service, this application will not be limited to Kars said. Arslan, who provided information about the smart city project, stated that they gave priority to facilitating the lives of disabled citizens, and that they started the Voice Steps application in Kars within the scope of the project.

Arslan stated that the control center of the smart city applications was created in the governor's office and that all transactions will be monitored from the center.

"Fiber to every building and street"

Fiberkent with Turk Telekom in Turkey with the name of Arslan pointed out that they start a new project, high-speed internet to meet the needs of citizens for the project said they would take the fiber to the street and every building.

Arslan stated that they aim to provide the most appropriate fiber conversion and to transform the old copper infrastructure into fiber infrastructure, “We have provided lines up to 100 megabits per second for each subscriber at the sites where these transformations are made. We are starting this project in Kars. We aim to complete this year as well. " he spoke.

"Let there be no home without internet, we are starting a mobilization with the name"

Emphasizing that the Internet is now as important as electricity and water, Arslan said that it is not possible to think about a life without Internet.

"We no longer want to remain deprived of access to the internet, even one of our citizens in today's Turkey. For this, we are initiating a campaign called 'No home without internet'. The first and most important step of this mobilization is that internet prices are accessible to all income groups. A fixed phone subscribers in Turkey, but not once have to use the internet there are about 2 million households. The first goal of this mobilization is to bring our citizens in these 2 million households to the internet. Within the scope of this mobilization, we asked our friends at Türk Telekom to issue a special tariff for our citizens who will meet the internet for the first time. They too embraced this call and started working on the nonprofit tariff. We paved the way for the application of all internet service providers to benefit from the non-profit service.

"We have to be strong so that someone does not move a horse"

Arslan pointed out that projects that will contribute to the development of the country will be implemented and said, “In this struggle, we have to be strong so that someone does not move. We need to provide strong services and take firm steps forward. " said.

Emphasizing that they work to make people's lives easier, Arslan said, “Our nation should also provide support that will facilitate the healthy steps we will take in the future. It has supported until today, and I am sure it will support it much more strongly from now on. After that we'll wake up to a more powerful Turkey, a country of our people much more powerful and will make life easier for our geography. We will continue to patronize the oppressed and victims around the world, and make Anatolia their mother's arms and father's hearth. " he spoke.

On the other hand Arslan, who for the second time in Turkey speak Turkish Turk Telekom thanked Paul Doany, the top manager.

Türk Telekom CEO Paul Doany said that they were happy to make Kars a smart city and to offer fiber-speed internet to the city.

Following the speeches, Minister Arslan and his entourage opened the Smart City Management Center in the governorship building.




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