Here is the National Freight Wagon

Sivas, Turkey Railways machinery industry's first Next Generation National Freight Wagon Turkey produced as a result of three years of study at the General Directorate, was introduced in a ceremony held at the General Directorate of the field.

Ceremony; Transportation Maritime and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan and Minister of National Education İsmet Yılmaz.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Arslan, the, black train is delayed terek period left behind the ine fast train train kal period, said they had passed, Bakan Today this world voices. Now confident and he believes in the power of a completely different interlocutor with Turkey. Yes, now there is a new Turkey. The economy, the domestic and foreign policy, an area in Turkey who plays the lead. with targets, these targets are in line with Turkey surely a progressive, evolving to keep up with a changing world, Turkey. We finished the term 'Black train is delayed' and we stepped into the 'High speed train' period. In the Asian-European corridor, we started our work to bring the Middle Corridor to life. We launched the Marmaray project and the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Projects, and commissioned the Marmaray Project. Construction of the line that extends the current high-speed train line running to Ankara between Sivas and Sivas continues. This line continues from Erzincan to Kars Bu.




    1. Why is my national dmy tools changed 10-20 -70 years ago? In the old years, there were specialist staff who knew their jobs.Lakin trained expert technical staff were forced to retire by senior management was expelled was unleashed. The materials of national vehicles must be native. bearing wheel t.valf.regulator etc. should be made in the domestic market.