Here are the Amazons of Izmir

Here are the Amazons of Izmir: Unlike the victimization stories in which women take the leading role, brought to the agenda every 8 March, they stand out with their success. The most challenging social service units of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the effectiveness of female employees in the fire department, public transportation and police staff is remarkable. Some courageously plunge into the flames, some dominate the 120-ton train and carry thousands of people every day. Here is a section of Izmir's strong, brave and resourceful and kind-hearted women.

  1. Brave women of Izmir Fire Department

They are the women firefighters of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the brave women walking on the fire.
Although they expect a new and dangerous adventure every day, they don't neglect to make up their makeup before they start. They also go through challenging commando training just like their male counterparts. Here are the vivid proof that there is nothing that the strong woman of Alevi warrior cannot accomplish and the stories of some of the women privates who show from their mouth.

Devrim Özdemir (Fireman):
The hero of your son
“I've been in the fire department for 8 years. My family believed I could do it, but it was strange around me saying 'can a woman be a fireman? When we went to the fire, they often thought we were male, as it was not understood from our special clothes that we were men or women. But when we took off the helmet, everyone was surprised and they couldn't believe we could put out that fire. I have a son and I am his hero. Everybody's parents, teacher, doctor etc. but when asked about Achilles about his mother's profession, he says 'fireman' and all the children are surprised. When I go to the parents' meeting, everyone is curious about me and asks me questions. "

Pelin Bright
Family Firefighters
Orum I have been in 4,5 for years. They said, "How can you get up there?" They said, "You can't do it, but the woman should be everywhere" and that she can do any job. Women must be in every field. My father was my hero, and I will be the hero of my children in the future. My father's a fireman, I've been taking care of him since I was a kid. Although I finished the Department of Preschool Education at Dokuz Eylül University, I chose the father's profession. I've been doing my job for 3 years. My wife is a fireman, we support each other. We are going through an education similar to commando training in the Olympic team. Entering hundreds of degrees of warmth and saving people makes us forget all the challenges of our profession. I used to be afraid of the high, but now I go to the fire ladder of 30 meters and intervene in the fire with water cannons. Esk

  1. Skils of skilful rails

Carrying 650 thousand passengers every day and working as drivers in İzmir's 130-kilometer light rail system vehicles, 11 women add color to urban transportation with their careful use of the 120-ton subway without passengers, regular driving and smiling faces. Women trainers who start working in the early hours of the morning always make up before starting work. On the other hand, they can leave the driver's cabin during the day only during break hours. Stating that using the tram is difficult and requires a lot of attention, women dominate İzmir's railways.

Merve Çetin (Metro driver):
“I showed that women can do every job“
“We went through six months of both theoretical and practical day and night training. Our environment and our family were surprised at first, but now they are all knowledgeable about subway driving, everyone has become aware. I chose this profession because it was a very interesting job, and it was to show that women can also do this job. The challenge of the profession, discipline and high attention. For this reason, we take care of our sleep patterns, and we are more meticulous about maintaining the operation smoothly during peak hours. İzmir is accustomed to seeing women in the driver's seat of the metro vehicle, and there has always been a certain number of women drivers since the operation started in 2000. Men, women, children, all passengers approach us with sympathy. The children are waving. Since we work with the shift system, we are more advantageous in allocating time for ourselves and our home. Of course, every work that is labored has its own tiring side, but every job done with love is good, and I do it with love. The moment I enter the cabin, I provide everything by leaving it out. The most enjoyable thing is that we see different faces every day. "

Gülşah Yurttaş (Metro driver):
"We brought the high confidence of Izmir women to the rails"
“We have been around for a long time and our numbers are increasing. This, in my opinion, is a result of the high self-confidence of Izmir women. Izmir is a very modern city. First of all, the people here are very polite… That's why we do our job without any problems. It is a profession that I can recommend to everyone as a woman. The only challenge of our job is to live at different times of the day. The best part is to constantly encounter new faces. "

Ayse Tuna (Metro driver):
"I will never go off without putting on my makeup"
“I have been in İzmir Metro for two years. We cover 120-170 kilometers a day. It attracts great interest in terms of being a profession that women do not prefer much. As every job has its difficulties, there are also metro drivers. But I have to remember that I am a woman and I never set out without my makeup. The people of Izmir especially support women and this gives us strength. When we first started, people were quite surprised, but now everyone is used to it. The passengers wave to us and smile. "

  1. Strong women of the police

A large number of women police officers working in the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality fulfill their duties properly, without lagging behind their male colleagues. In the field, they sometimes encounter peddlers, sometimes beggars, and often experience dangers. But thanks to a good education and a little bit of female sensitivity, they manage to overcome difficulties.

Ebru Evin (Police Officer):
Orum For 10, I have been working in the municipal police. I worked in different units such as traffic, environment. There is a prejudice against women in general. We are working in the field. As a woman, we accepted ourselves with our stance, serious, uncompromising work, and lessons such as anger control and stress management. Whether you're a woman or a man, it's all about loving your job. Kadın

Gülçin Aydın (Police Officer):
Uz 9 are doing this profession for years. He's known as a man's job, but he's not special. At first we were surprised. But then the peddlers and beggars we encountered in the area learned to take us seriously. Ama

  1. Natural Life's mothers

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Wildlife Park is another area where women of İzmir come to the fore. The care of thousands of wild animals, the treatment of their diseases, daily checks on the shoulders of a large number of female staff, especially veterinarians. They are approaching the predators that many people cannot even get close to in fear.

Duygu Aldemir (Veterinary surgeon):
"Animals are our children"
“I have been working in the Wildlife Park for 10 years. The animals here are our children. Our elephants are the oldest children of our family. Here I am interested in elephants' foot care to all their private affairs. They are very important to us, our minds always stay with them rather than our home. When they get sick, we spend 24 hours with them. We work devotedly. There is no distinction between men and women when it comes to looking at a 6-ton elephant. We, as women, handle this very well. "

Action Arslan (Veterinary surgeon)
"They need me"
“I have been working for 15 years. I'm lucky because I'm surrounded by these beauty and souls. They are like my children. I have been thinking about feeding them for 15 years. When I arrive in the morning, my first job is to prepare their diets. We evaluate our old, sick and baby animals separately and prepare certain diets. My own child, maybe I might miss my lunch time, but I can't do that with my children in the Wildlife Park, they just need me. Because their language is mine. As a woman, I feel lucky to be in such a post ”.

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