Metro Comes From Ortaköy to Sarıyer Along The Beach From Istanbul

Metro Coming to Istanbul from Ortaköy to Sarıyer Along the Beach: A new metro line is about to be added to the ever-growing metro line projects in Istanbul. The news about the news was given by Kadir Topbaş, İBB President. Topbaş, heralded that the ongoing works for the new metro line from Ortaköy to Sarıyer.

A new one is about to be added to the metro line projects under construction in Istanbul. Accelerating its efforts to overcome the transportation problem by metro, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality continues to count down for new metro lines. İBB President Kadir Topbaş gave the good news of the new metro line that will extend from Ortaköy to Sarıyer.

Evaluating Istanbul as the 2017 investment year, Kadir Topbaş underlined that a great effort is underway to take the transportation of the city underground. Mayor Topbaş gave the good news to Istanbulites. Kadir Topbaş, who gave the good news of the new metro line that will extend from Ortaköy to Sarıyer, made statements for the first time regarding the new metro line.

Kadir Topbaş, who gave the metro gospel in his statement about the new metro line, said, yap We will bring a subway to the district of Sarıyer, hopefully from the coastline. The new metro project will start from Ortaköy and continue along the coast until Sarıyer. This is an unimaginable development. There is already a subway coming up to Cumhuriyet and Haci Osman. We can download the continuation of that subway to Çayırbaşı, we do his work. It will merge with the metro which will come from below. So access will be much easier, Böylece he said.

In addition, Topbaş said, “We are programming a tunnel road of over 100 kilometers in Istanbul. One of them is 140 kilometers consecutive tunnel system from Sarıyer to Büyükçekmece. Those who want to go to Büyükçekmece from here will have the opportunity to reach Büyükçekmece in a very short time when they use those tunnels or to go to the districts in between. We have programmed an 18-kilometer tunnel from Harem to Küçükköy and Anadolu Fortress. In other words, we are trying to solve wherever there is a problem underground and above ground ”.

Map of Ortaköy-Sarıyer metro line project

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