Giant square and metro coming to Istanbul Gaziosmanpaşa

Giant square and subway are coming to Istanbul Gaziosmanpaşa: Speaking at the Gaziosmanpaşa Square Groundbreaking Ceremony Mayor Kadir Topbaş said, “You have to say 'Yes' for more subway, more work, food and employment”.

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) connects the 4 square in Gaziosmanpaşa and forms a giant square of 45 bin 500. Atatürk Bust Square, Government House Square, Cultural Center Municipality Square and Mosque Square are combined with the 6 million 665 thousand pounds project to be realized by IMM.

Gaziosmanpaşa Square Groundbreaking Ceremony was held with the participation of Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş and Gaziosmanpaşa Mayor Hasan Tahsin Usta. In the ceremony held at Gaziosmanpaşa Square, Istanbul Deputy Recep Koral, Gaziosmanpaşa Governor Oktay Çağatay, İBB Bureaucrats, IMM Assembly AK Party Group Chairman Temel Başalan, IBB Parliament Members, AK Party Gaziosmanpaşa District Chairman Şahin Pirdal, Gaziosmanpaşa NGO representatives, mukhtars and citizens took place.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Kadir Topbaş stated that they have invested 13 billion liras in Istanbul in 98 years, and that they will invest 16,5 billion liras this year, “We have invested 1 billion 700 million liras in Gaziosmanpaşa so far. The back will come. We weave the gold of Istanbul with subway networks. You will be able to reach everywhere quickly and comfortably by walking a maximum of half an hour. Hopefully in 2018 Kabataş-When the Mahmutbey Metro opens, from here KabataşYou will be able to go to Üsküdar, Sarıyer and any point by subway. ”

IMM as the state and other organizations that come to the date of the debt of 1 pounds, investment and services continued unabated President Topbaş said, said;

. We are working with the service concept that our President started in local governments. God willing, 3 from Vezneciler. We are also planning a new metro line which will extend to the airport and will pass through Gaziosmanpaşa. As the first phase of this, we will lay the foundation for this period. 3. The Ministry of Transport will be the second part of the airport. Havalim

Istanbul renewing old buses that use Metropolitan Municipality, with media together from Bosnia voicing a gift to many countries in Africa and Georgia Topbas, "Your support and your posture in Istanbul, in Turkey and oppressed in geography from the discontinuation of increase of these services it keeps it going. We are a great nation and have taught the world what civilization means. We live together in this ancient and promised city. Our goal is to turn Istanbul into a livable civilized city where the world looks at the world with its hype. Ama

Mez No matter how long you are with us, these services will not be cut back. In the past, Istanbul has developed without planning. The days of thirsty, dirty, cool and full of garbage heaps, lar said Topbas.

, Byzantine and Ottoman were unable to solve the water problem of Istanbul, they could not be solved. Mr. President has resolved and since then, there is no water problem. We have accepted as the most sublime. What we can do is that we worked day and night, thinking that our people would be happy and others would look at it. Our government in every part of Turkey airports, roads, universities doing. Our successful investments in the defense industry are all your success. Savunma


Citizens 15They had a very important posture in July and showed the world what the nation said Topbas, "No society can do what you did. I am a martyr granddaughter. This land is entrusted to us from our martyrs and what we do to this country less. Nowhere do we touch the traces of civilization. If we say more metro to Gaziosmanpasa, we need to say yes. If the problem ends more service to say yes we need to say. If we call the solution to employment, we say, we need to say yes. We have a lot of work to do, as long as you are on our side. Daha

Istanbul Deputy Recep Koral from the 1994'dan Gaziosmanpasa and Istanbul made a very large investments and services by expressing, X You said yes to us. We did what we want. If what services will be held in Istanbul in Turkey and say yes we do. If you don't say yes, nothing can be done. Mr. President made his underpass under this square. Everywhere we say Metro Metro Everywhere, Kadir Topbaş will make our brother a much more beautiful one. After that, yes from us, yes B he said.

Gaziosmanpaşa Mayor Hasan Tahsin Usta stated that the square to be built is very important because it is the only square in the district and thanked İBB President Kadir Topbaş for reorganizing the square. Hasan Tahsin Usta stated that İBB will realize very important new projects in Gaziosmanpaşa as well as the swimming pool, parking lot and sports complex, adding, “24 kilometers, which is the most important project for Istanbul's important investment and Gaziosmanpaşa. Kabataş- 4 stations of Mahmutbey Metro pass through our district. "It is very important for Gaziosmanpaşa's integration into metro lines and every point of Istanbul."

After the speeches, Kadir Topbaş and his entourage made the Gaziosmanpaşa Square Groundbreaking Ceremony by pushing the button with the children. Topbas, then organized by the Municipality of Gaziosmanpaşa Keskek Festival distributed to the citizens of the skate.

Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, met with citizens over the age of 50 in the "Gaziosmanpaşa Meets With Plane Trees" program held in Gaziosmanpaşa Gopark. With citizens who show great interest in their own self sohbet and who posed for a souvenir photo while Kadir, in his speech here can not be compared with Istanbul and Turkey in the past he said that major advances had.



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