IMM will set up the company will fly to Artvin

IMM will set up an airline company will fly to Artvin: Artvin 2002 22 45 kilometers divided the road to the 87 kilometers, the XNUMX kilometers between the Artvin-Rize coast road is completed transfer Yıldırım, said:

. We are making a fishing shelter for Hopa, we are building Arhavi in ​​an organized industry. We're building a ropeway from the university to the city center. We do it with the contributions of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and thank you. You're his father, but now we're giving him one more mission. We say to Kadir Bey, 'Artvin now has so much dam, let's carry passengers to these dams by sea planes. Let's move from Trabzon, move from Samsun, let's move from Istanbul, wouldn't it be nice? Okay, President? Kadir President, will realize this project. He has great services to his hometown, and he will do this for you.

Prime Minister Yildirim, Kadir President IMM made a statement relating to these instructions Topbas, Istanbul stating that they made the necessary preparations to establish an airline as the Metropolitan Municipality will provide the transportation service to the appropriate city in Turkey, within the airline will establish the IMM, including reservoirs also noted that sea planes will be able to land in the water.

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