IMM 'metrobus passenger Amsterdam' said the population until the million dollars of metrobus trapped in the trash came from the Netherlands

IMM 'metrobus passengers as much as the population of Amsterdam' came to mind the million-dollar metrobus thrown from the Netherlands came to Twitter: Twitter “Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Public Relations” account asked “Metrobus line with more than the population of Amsterdam every day did you know we carry passengers?” 200, which was taken from the Netherlands and then thrown to Istanbul because it was not suitable, brought the million dollar buses.

The question “Did you know that we carry more passengers than Amsterdam population every day with our Metrobus line? Ulan which was asked from the twitter account of“ Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Public Relations Hollanda and was not used because it was far from meeting the density of Istanbul. million dollar metrobus brought to mind.

In the days when the Metrobus line was put into use, 1,5 was purchased at an exorbitant price (2,1 million dollars at that time's exchange rate) of 100 million euros from the Dutch company Phileas. Metrobus project, which was put into practice as an election investment without considering the passenger density in Istanbul, collapsed in the first days. Because buses from the Netherlands did not meet Istanbul conditions.


Buses purchased from the Netherlands for the Metrobus line, whose population is 17 million, were not compatible with Istanbul. In Istanbul, where one-seventh of the whole Netherlands has a face, approximately the same population lived as the whole population of the Netherlands. Traveling fish stacks on buses, working on hilly terrain overloaded million dollar buses and made them inoperable.

While it was possible to carry more passengers with cheaper new buses, Kadir Topbaş's desire to win local elections caused millions of dollars to be squandered.

In those days, the insistence of Kadir Topbaş on the subject of metrobuses was highly discussed.

For example, Mercedes Capacity buses with a price of one quarter could carry 250 passengers, while Dutch Phileas buses had a maximum 220 passenger capacity. In other words, with the money invested in the 1 Phileas, other brands of BRT could be selected to achieve a carrying capacity of approximately 900, but it was not. Because the claim is that Phileas buses can operate without drivers and offer a more comfortable transportation. The fact that the people of Istanbul have never seen a bus that runs without a driver and that the metrobus travels in extremely unhealthy and uncomfortable conditions provides enough data that these claims are not true.

Therefore, the fact that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality did not know the answer to the question of len fun ”asked before the metrobus project came to life had cost Istanbul and our country more than 200 million dollars.

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