Hyperloop One Announces Revolutionary Project in India

hyperloop tube
hyperloop tube

Hyperloop One Announces Its Revolutionary Project in India: U.S. company Hyperloop One, which has received support from India for high-speed train technology, has explained the drafts of the train that can travel all over the country in a short time.

The company Hyperloop One met with Indian government officials on Tuesday, talking about the route of the train line planned to be built in India. The company explained through project drafts that it can be reached in just 80 minutes from one end of the country. It is stated that the distance between Mumbai and Delhi will travel faster by plane than by plane.

Hyperloop One India

Vision For India, the special project developed by Hyperloop One for India, was introduced. In a high-populated country like India, the details of the high-speed train project, which is planned to revolutionize transportation, were explained. India has been the biggest supporter of Hyperloop, which has been testing worldwide since the day it was announced. In the contest called 'Hyperloop One Global Challange', Hyperloop One company, which was selected among 90 engineers from 2.600 countries, and the names of 5 Indian companies that made it to the semi-finals were mentioned.

Map of India High Speed ​​Train

Hyperloop One, the largest implementing company of the high-speed train project Hyperloop, says the new system will be 3 times faster than even the fastest train in the world. It is also stated that the system that will not emit carbon will be environmentally friendly and will be much cheaper than today's train technology. With the train line planned to reach every part of the country in India, the distance between Mumbai and New Delhi is expected to be reduced to 80 minutes.

Indian government official Amitabh Kant said, “The Indian government will be pleased to work with Hyperloop One. We have to transform urbanization and transportation, and we can only achieve this with extraordinary technologies. Hyperloop One is one of them. ”

In the project phase, the first tests of the Hyperloop project will be held in 2017 in the US Nevada province. Many scientists from around the world will take part in this test.

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