Keep your generator ready for interruptions

Keep your generator ready for interruptions: Users' prioritized expectation from generators is that they can be switched on quickly in case of a power failure. Immediate activation of the generators depends on regular maintenance for long time and full capacity operation. Aksa Service General Manager Ömer Saner underlines the importance of choosing the companies that provide after-sales service in order to get the return on the investment made to the generator and underlines that the life of the generators is reduced if maintenance is not done with certain periods.

The regular maintenance of the generators ensures that they can be used for a long time without any problems and can be used with high performance.

First day performance with regular maintenance

In order to make the most efficient use of the generators in case of power failure, it is necessary to keep ready for cuts. Regular maintenance service and periodic controls of the user-made generators in a short period of time, interruptions and takes a longer time to live.

Aksa Service General Manager Ömer Saner recommends general maintenance to the generators once a year; Gel If the general maintenance is not carried out once a year, the engine may cause rusting, rotating and decaying of the radiator. In the event that Aksa is authorized by our authorized service centers during the maintenance and inspection process, the engine oil and antifreeze and auxiliary components such as filters, which are determined according to the characteristics of the generator, are replaced. In this way, it is ensured that the main components forming the generator, such as the engine, radiator, which are protected by these elements, are protected against failures. Regular periodic maintenance ensures that generators operate on their first day performance. Düzenli

Avoid non-warranty interventions

When the generators fail, the interventions by the unauthorized services can cause the consumers to be deprived of the warranty and become consumers.

Aksa Service General Manager Ömer Saner stated that it is necessary to make sure that there is a service team that will produce solutions while investing in the generator in order to prevent the consumers to stay half way when needed; Uz As Aksa Power Generation, we are working with a goal of 100 percent customer satisfaction. In cases where our customers need an authorized service, they can reach our nearest authorized service from Aksa Generator Solution Center in order to support them in the fastest way. All Aksa Generator authorized services; They are trained by the central service personnel and the technical information is up-to-date, with the annual training and quality standards set, using the original spare parts, in cases requiring repair, follow the steps for authorized services.

Aksa Power Generation employees across Turkey 300, 85 service points and spare parts inventory and in accordance with the quality standards and technical instructions 7 / 24 provide care. Aqsa providing services in all countries in which Turkey's exports as well as generators Generator, continues to support after-sales service points connected to their regional offices located in every continent.



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