A Farmer Sues For Railway Company In India Train Wins

A Farmer Sues Against Railway Company In India Train Wins: A farmer named Singh Samputan from the Indian state of Punjab won a lawsuit against the railway company called Indian Railways. When the railway company could not pay its debt, it gave a passenger train to the farmer.

Indian couple Samputan, 2 sold land for construction of railways to Indian Railways company years ago. The company did not pay 150 thousand dollars (10 million rupees) for the land it took, Samputan opened a case against the company.

In the second lawsuit filed after the company stated that it did not have enough money to pay this amount, the court ruled that a passenger train belonging to the company be given to Samputan. An office was also allocated to Samputan at a stop on the railway line.

The court gave the company the right to use the train for a few more days after Samputan wanted the train to complete its last journey so that the passengers were not victims.

If the required amount is not paid during this period, the train can be put on sale by auction.



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