South Korean companies invest in Çanakkale Bridge

Why South Korean companies invested in Çanakkale Bridge: President Erdoğan and Prime Minister Yıldırım described the fact that G. Korean companies invest in Çanakkale bridge project, reflecting confidence in the economy.
It is essential to question this thesis in a conjuncture in which the budget has opened a record deficit, the Central Bank reserves unfortunately melted and the banks are given instructions.
(Two companies based in South Korea; Daelim and SK Group)
The answer to the question gizli Is the truth exactly like this “is hidden in another question.
That's the question:
General Directorate of Highways (KGM) - in the broad sense - if the Turkish Treasury does not guarantee daily 45 thousand traffic, would the Korean companies fall under this 10.5 billion TL investment?
If the Korean companies answer. Yes hazır to this question, I am ready to publish it in this corner.

Let's explain why they can't:
In order to realize such a high transportation project, the investment cost has to be applied to the financial sector. Banks also want to make sure that the money they give will be returned to the project in this scale.
Here is the only element that allows it to guarantee daily traffic.
Just like other Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) projects. 3. Bridge, like Osmangazi Bridge. These are transportation projects. City hospitals that are guaranteed under different titles are no different. The fact that the city hospitals, which are offered with the common lies that lı the nation will not earn five cents from their pocket içer, is also able to provide internal or external financing, with the guarantee of a coverage of 70. (Turkish is the following: O entrepreneur, the hospital will make 70 of the number of beds until my citizens will get sick.)

The BOT model is not a AKP invention. 23 has years of history. The AKP government has reorganized the implementation principles of the law at 2011. With the decree, the definition of “demand guarantee Kar was clarified. According to the definition, the çe guarantee given by the administration for the goods and services produced by the operating company şirket.
3 which was opened eight months ago in my previous article. traffic guarantee given to the bridge took place. Every day that the daily 135 car will pass and the number of missing vehicles will be paid to İçtaş-Astaldi by the end of April this year. Similar guarantees, as in all BOT contracts, take place in the Çanakkale bridge implementation contract.
In the BOT contracts, the place and method of settlement of disputes are also important. The parties to the dispute can go to arbitration. But this malı arbitration el issue is a controversial issue.
When we look at it, however, we see that if the public wins, it becomes durumunda explainable kazan. The Uzanlar and the Ministry of Energy mismatch are typical examples of this.

In contrast, we do not know what was the subject of arbitration in the Marmaray project. It's hidden.
The Japanese company TAISEI, the opening of the project, Prime Minister Erdogan, the opening of the year because of the request of one year to withdraw because of the 200 million dollars would be born, he had announced that the cash flow shaken because of the money demanded. It is not known what the firm would claim if the local arbitration decisions were not implemented. There is no explanation for the fate of 200 million dollars for two years.
Returning to the top, many financial institutions may have agreed to finance the investment of the Çanakkale bridge.
But this is a great safe, the share of an geçiş emotional Av rationale, such as the daily 15 bin traffic over the 45 Euro plus VAT toll per car, is not overlooked.

This article is taken from Cumhuriyet

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  1. eeeeee. Tell me something new now !!!

    do you need this investment? NECESSARY.
    Is someone gonna do it? WILL MAKE.
    If the government makes that money will be already? WILL APPEAR.
    Well, if somebody did it, then we'd pay off.
    Maybe we don't even pay 45's money. How about hah?