Great Transformation in Bursa City Square

Great Transformation in Bursa City Square: While the transformation works of the western part of the city square were carried out by Osmangazi Municipality, the Metropolitan Municipality gave the start of the work in the 2nd Stage project area on the south and east sides of the square. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe stated that they aim to make arrangements in such a way that the land owners will not be victims, and that with the project, both the land owners and Bursa will benefit. kazanhe said he would.

In order to make Bursa a healthier and more livable city, we aim to maximize the quality of life in Bursa by the Metropolitan Municipality which renders the neighborhoods that are not equipped with social reinforcement areas more livable by expropriations, and on the other hand, through large urban transformation projects. In line with this goal, the Metropolitan Municipality, which will replace the streets of Istanbul Street with the rail system line and privileged architecture, gives the start of the transformation works in the second stage project area of ​​the Central Garage Urban Transformation Area in connection with this project. The transformation works of the Osmangazi Municipality on the western part of Kent Square were continued and the transformation works in the south and east sides of the square were started by the Metropolitan Municipality. In total, 12 will be integrated with the T1 line of the Istanbul Caddesi rail system line with the work covering an area of ​​one thousand square meters, and the region that will be free of the building stock will meet with a privileged urban design project.

No one will be victimized
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, accompanied by Deputy Secretary Generals Bayram Vardar and Mustafa Altın, examined the project area in Santral Garaj. Reminding that the transformation work was carried out by Osmangazi Municipality in the west of the city square, which is the heart of Bursa, Mayor Altepe noted that they started to work on the islands in the south and east as the Metropolitan Municipality. Emphasizing that they also held talks with the owners of the two islands in question, Mayor Altepe said, “We want to create an island where the citizens coming to Bursa from Istanbul Street meet and where there are beautiful buildings. Along with the buildings to be removed, we aim to make arrangements in such a way that the owners of the place will not suffer with the high quality and prestigious building to be built. With the project, while the buildings will be pulled back, the existing road will also be widened. Nice area in the town square kazanwe will. There will be a good field for us in the integration of the Istanbul Street rail system and the T1 line. While the Istanbul Street rail system line is being built, a beautiful urban design project will be shaped in the heart of Bursa with this work done in the city square. "The face of this region will have completely changed," he said.

Rights holders were informed
In the meantime, Deputy Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Bayram Vardar about 12 square meter area owners met with the right. The beneficiaries showed great interest in the meeting held at the Metropolitan Municipality Training Hall. South of the square of the island's 10 thousand square meters of 631 and the west of the island, which covers a thousand square meters of area 580 Vardar, said the region has the right to close to 300. Vardar stated that 3 bin 410 square meter is defined as the commercial area in the current implementation zoning plan. Vardar, who expressed that the rights of the rightful owners could be expropriated, and those who would like to take part in the project, listened to the suggestions of the right holders.

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