Visually Impaired Woman Can't Get a Metrobus with a Guide Dog

Visually Impaired Women's Guide to Dog You can not ride Metrobus Barrier: Sogutlucesme Metrobus turnstiles Benefits of Honor is a good-hearted citizens of the concept of good and bad events he witnessed knocked out with all the nudity.

Söğütlüçeşme metrobüs station, a disabled woman's guide dog metrobüse not to be taken to mind the mind-boggling! In our society where we stand aside from supporting people with disabilities, the intolerance to the animal guiding a disabled person reveals a terrible and ugly picture.

Söğütlüçeşme Metrobus tournaments witnessed by a good-hearted citizen named Onur Yarar revealed the concept of GOOD and the BAD with all the nakedness.

Committed to the spirit of evil, do not want to see security against a disabled woman ... Metrobus hosting in favor of the soul, a visually impaired woman friendship, companionship and guiding DOG.

And of course the event's hero who remain silent in the face of events that honor Benefits ... View a human touch to the life and visually impaired woman and guide the wicked OBSTACLES happiness given by lifting the front of the dog "bit disari also have usua, in late kaldim my appointment but has been worth it" social media with the words shared ...

Here are the words of the hero Onur Yarar:

I just saw a woman who was not allowed to pass through the canopy of the visually impaired following a turnstile on the willow. Of course I came back to the turnstile before boarding the metrobus. Security metrobüse you can not ride with the dog says, I'm a guide dog even ride easily, I started with you do not know. 30-40 minute white table, iett, security company phone traffic, the arrival of the police, security cameras and withdrawal of us, and ultimately the whole bin's permission. We have made this occasion a first in the metrobüste. We were a little out of the cold, and I was late for my appointment, but it was worth it Biraz

Thank you for the kindness of good-hearted people, goodness, manhood and evil.

We can all be like Honor Benefit actually. We can separate good and BAD and support a person. Or at least we can respect a dog for friendship, friendship, and guidance to a disabled person without waiting for a response rather than a BAD!

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Günceleme: 16/12/2018 16:21

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