Fire tubes in Ankara Metro are defective

Fire tubes in Ankara Metro were defective: In Ankara, it was revealed that fire extinguishers were leri defective N in the subway that was used by 123 million passengers annually. In the case of a fire that may occur in the subway, the pressure values ​​of some of the fire extinguishers, which are one of the fastest response vehicles, were determined to be, zero yangın. In some of the equipment cabinets where the tools and equipment to be used in emergency situations are required, there was no fire extinguisher tube.

Cannot interfere with fire
Tüp The pressure values ​​of the portable fire tubes need to be checked frequently. It is very important to check the pressure values ​​at the correct intervals. With these pressure values, the tubes cannot operate. Aside from interfering with the fire, they can even create a danger during a fire bile.

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