Fidansoy: The length of the urban rail system will increase by 2,5 floor

The second day of the International Rail, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair-Eurasia Rail fair, organized by EUF-E International Fairs, continues with the participation of visitors.

Within the scope of the event held at the Istanbul Expo Center in Yeşilköy, a panel titled "Urban Rail System Problems" was held.

Speaking at the panel Fidansoy, exhibition, show that the development of railways in Turkey and said that it was a successful event.

All Rail Systems Operators Association (TÜRSİD) Chairman Levent Fidansoy, Turkey stating across the urban rail be within a thousand kilometers of the system length, 2023 scope of targets increased floor 2,5 this length 2 thousand said 500 kilometers will be removed.

Stating that the association has 11 members and its 12th members will be Kocaeli, Fidansoy explained that municipalities or rail system enterprises affiliated with municipalities are members of TÜRSID.

Fidansoy mentioned that from now on, rail systems will be established in more than 20 cities.

Number of Tram Passengers Rising

Fidansoy, the problems in urban rail systems, addressing the problems in this system because of the new legislation, there are problems related to the elimination of the legislation should be changed, the relevant municipalities or organizations working on these issues told.

People are not fully adopting the tram yet, but the number of users every day, voicing Fidansoy, said that the problems related to the standards began to be eliminated.

Fidansoy stated that TÜRSİD has made serious efforts to eliminate the standard problems caused by the differences of metro and trams and that they have covered a distance on this road.

The rail system is reliable, cheap and fast

Fidansoy, urban rail systems, cars or buses, according to the serious advantages of saving, said:

“Rail systems are above all more economical and environmentally friendly. There is no emission of exhaust gases. You travel more reliably, comfortably and smoothly. It is increasingly widespread in Turkey. There is no traffic jam like in buses. There is a guarantee of hours. He gets up on time and arrives at his destination on time. Passengers save both time and money. Also, since these vehicles are electric, their expenses are very low. "

Urban rail system

Fidansoy, noting that currently reaches all within a thousand kilometers of length rrayl system in Turkey, the target in the medium term "5-6 thousand kilometers long said that urban rail systems do.

Ensure the mobility of the rail system, thanks passengers reducing the fuel costs for the self-check and similar reasons explaining that make a positive impact in the national income Fidansoy, Turkey in recent years, the importance given to the railways drew attention.

Noting that significant distances have been made in both intercity and urban rail systems in the recent period, Fidansoy said, “Within the scope of the 2023 targets, I believe that the current length of a thousand kilometers of urban rail system will reach 2 kilometers. So it will increase 500 times. " used the expressions.

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