Support for Esnaflardan Ada Ekspresi Project

Support from the Esnaflardan Island Express Project: Adapazarı-Istanbul Express, Adapazarı Garage to remove Adapazarı Train Station and Storey market place traders made a press statement by supporting the project.

Sakarya Civil Society Platform (SASTOP) members, NGO representatives and citizens Adapazari-Istanbul Express, Adapazari station to remove Adapazari railway station 13 2016 XNUMX December 2014 launched a signature campaign in support of the Adapazari Train Station and Storey Market place traders also gave a press release.

"Train station tradesmen have been the citizens' information desk for 5 years"

Özgür Öztop, who made a statement on behalf of Adapazarı Train Station and Katlı Pazar Place tradesmen, said, “Ada-express, which started service in 1891 and became the symbol of our city, was terminated in 2012 due to high-speed train line works. Ada-express, which resumed its voyages in 2015, makes 4 reciprocal flights between Arifiye-Pendik. According to the information we received from the authorities, in the previous period, it was serving with 11 times a day and 135 percent occupancy rate. It was one of TCDD's most profitable services. Now it works with 25 percent occupancy rate. ADARAY, working between Adapazarı and Arifiye, could not meet the expectations. The ticket is not sold at the train station, and our citizens complain to us about it every day. Train station tradesmen have been the information desk of the citizens on this issue for 5 years ”.

"Our citizen was sentenced to exorbitant price implementations with road transport"

Stating that they are the supporters of the project, Öztop said, “Our people, who come to the market place from Izmit and Istanbul to shop, have no longer been able to afford. Our students, civil servants, elderly and young people have been condemned to road transportation and exorbitant pricing. The subject is not only Adapazarı-Istanbul journey. In between; In the district where there are around 20 stations such as Sapanca, Hereke and Gebze, transportation can only be done by 2-3 vehicles. TCDD Tasimacilik General Manager Veysi Kurt, in modern cities, train stations are in the center. He says that we can carry 500 thousand passengers a day on this line, but we cannot perform this service. The reason for this is that the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality does not allow island express voyages due to the traffic density at the crossings. As the shopkeepers of the Multi-Storey Marketplace Train Station, we demand from the authorities that the disputes between the institutions be resolved as soon as possible. Whether it is underground or above ground, as long as the citizen is served, the public service barrier is cleared. We, as tradesmen, stand behind our municipality, and we are the supporters of every project that will serve our citizens and will not victimize our tradesmen ”.

“We owe most of our earnings to these trains.

Stating that the re-entry of the island express to the city center will give life to the shopkeepers, Özgür Öztop said, “As the shopkeepers of the Multi-Storey Marketplace and Train Station, we owe most of our earnings to these trains, we have sustained our lives with these trains for years. We taught our children, brought bread to our house, and held our wedding. In 5 years, we have nothing left in our hands. We have tradesmen who cannot pay their rent and pay late. In addition, our tradesmen friends in Çark Caddesi, Uzun Çarşı and Grand Bazaar complain and suffer from this situation. The entrance of the island express to the city center will give life to our tradesmen, this view is obvious. We want our grievance to be seen by the authorities ”.

13 on the other hand will end on 2016 March 12 of the signature campaign launched on December 2017. So far, the 45 bin signature has been collected.


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