EGO Passed 316 Million Passenger Last Year

EGO Last Year 316 Million Passenger Carrying: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate provided urban transportation for 316 million passengers last year.

The General Directorate of EGO, which undertakes most of the urban transportation, delivered 700 bin with rail on weekdays, 400 bin with rail systems, and 8 bin passenger with ropeway to its home, business, school and many points.
EGO buses traveled 86 million kilometers over the last year, while rail systems 207 carried over a thousand times and carried the capital city.

In the metropolises where the population exceeds 5 million in the world metropolises, the capital of the capital city, which is one of the most comfortable cities, is the biggest traffic fleet.

During 2016 in Ankara, the total number of passengers transported by buses and subways reached 316 million. Metropolitan Municipality, which shows one of the best practices of social municipality approach in transportation system, elderly people, relatives of martyrs, relatives of veterans and veterans, relatives of disabled and disabled people free of charge, teachers and students also benefited from the transportation with a discount. In addition, the tradition of free passenger transport, which was first initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality and later accepted by many municipalities, continued this year.

In this context, the General Directorate of EGO from the public transport system capitalists benefited, 162 million times the full ticket, 88 million times discounted student and teacher card, 66 million times a free card was used.

From the free card application, 61 35 million times, 12 handicapped and disabled companion 1,3 million times, veteran, veteran relatives, martyr relatives, and their relatives benefited from 15 million times. Following 16 July FETÖ's coup attempt, the 10 carried out July and 26 between August and August.

EGO buses were at the head of public transportation services in order to alleviate passenger and traffic loads. Buses, 1287 vehicles and 2 thousand 275 drivers in one day, with the average 7 thousand 700 service is provided, 700 thousand citizens, is delivered to the destination. EGO buses from XYUMX to 2016, from elderly people to young people, from 199 to home, work, school, hospital and shopping, has reached 86 million kilometers during this time.

In the beginning of modern, modern and safe transportation systems, 207 has operated a thousand times by 400 a thousand times a year, and 117 has provided the transportation of the million passengers during the year. Batıkent-Kızılay subway with 51 million, Çayyolu-Red Crescent subway
20 million, with the Törekent-Batıkent subway, also moved 9 million passengers. The light rail system, which runs between AŞTİ and Dikimevi, has been transported to 37 million passengers. In the Keçiören Metro, which was opened in January, passenger transportation started and a significant amount of relaxation was provided in the traffic density in the north of the city.

first time in Turkey was opened in Yenimahalle Metro Station Şentepe 24 thousand passenger-carrying capacity of public transport by cable car, 8 thousand passengers per day, Şentepe- are traveling between Yenimahalle Metro station.

In parallel with the technological developments, the General Directorate of EGO, which equips the transportation system with innovations to prevent passengers' loss of time, has been awarded with international awards with these projects. 1715 bus fleet of vehicles, 1287 natural gas. With an environmentally friendly bus fleet, EGO was awarded the c Europe's Most Environmental Bus Fleet E award by the International Association of Public Transporters (UITP). The average age of constantly renewed vehicles has been reduced to 7,09 for the capitalists to travel with safe vehicles with air conditioning, comfortable, modern interior design.

Disabled citizens on the 1515 bus to travel by public transport disabled ramp was placed. While all of the buses are equipped with in-vehicle information screens, 7 bin 423 bus stop 1047 with Breil alphabet closed stall and 124 smart stop.

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