Thief Stealing Energy Cable from Railroad Caught in Edirne

The Thief Who Stole Energy Cable from the Railroad in Edirne was caught: The thief, who stole the energy cables on the Edirne - Istanbul railway line, was caught as a result of the work of the gendarmerie teams.

Babaeski District Gendarmerie Command teams took action, receiving the notification of power cable theft on the Edirne - Istanbul railway line, which is under the responsibility of Kırklareli Provincial Gendarmerie Command. As a result of the investigation, the person who was found to have committed the incident was caught together with the unregistered motorcycle he used in the crime, a hacksaw and the exact 20 meters of electrical cables.

After the statement of the person who was caught with the electric cables he stole, he was arrested by the judicial authorities and handed over to the Babaeski Closed Penal Institution.

Recently, the person who climbed to the electricity pole on the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line in Izmit had caught the 24 thousand volt electric current and burned to death.



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