Convenience for drivers with breach from the Eurasia Tunnel

Ease of drivers with breach from the Eurasia Tunnel: The Eurasia Tunnel guarantees that the drivers who cross the violation will not experience any grievances by protecting their identity information.

The Eurasia Tunnel, which offers secure payment option with 3D secure system, protects the identity of the drivers who have crossed off, ensuring that they will not experience any kind of victimization.

Eurasia Tunnel Information Technologies & Toll Collection Systems Coordinator Murat Çalışırişçi gave information about the tolls and payment terms of the Eurasia Tunnel, which helps to solve the traffic problem of Istanbul.

In the statement; it is stated that the infringement payments and the entered card information through the official website of the tunnel are regularly passed through the Card Payment Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) control and have the highest level (PCI-DSS Level 1) license. With the 3D secure system that keeps the security of the cardholder and the card to the maximum level and protects it from unauthorized use in the internet environment, the accuracy of the credit card information has been checked.

Emphasizing that users with violations can easily make their payments through the website, Eurasia Tunnel Information Technologies & Fee Collection Systems Coordinator Murat Çalışırişçi said, “Asseco SEE's solutions coincide with the high technology and advanced engineering holistic approach of the Eurasia Tunnel. In this regard, we offer the website for the end users to both get accurate information and make their infringement pass payments easily ”.



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