Railway workers launch signature campaign

Railroad workers launched a petition campaign: After the 2013 year in TCDD and its affiliates, the railway workers started a signature campaign to remedy the wage gap between the workers who had been working before.

After the 2013 year in the TCDD and its affiliates, the workers in the railway line started a signature campaign to eliminate the wage gap between them and the workers who had been working before.

The campaign, launched under the name of ızı We want our labor, our right, our differences, through the Change.org site, was welcomed by the workers. The signatures to be collected within the scope of the campaign will be given to the Turkish-Work and Transport and Labor Ministries who will sit for the workers on public contracts.


TCDD and its affiliates 1 In the campaign text, which states that different wage scales have been applied for workers who work after the date of January 2013, altında We have done the same job under the same roof, conscientiously and without any difference between us and our colleagues. The separation of us disturbs the peace in our business environment. It should be appreciated that even though doing the same work under these conditions, receiving a downward fee from the colleague and the employee after the 2013 severely distressed the staff and caused a decrease in their determination and even enthusiasm not to be underestimated Takdir.

The signature text will start in March 27. The term Public Collective Labor Agreement was asked to find a solution to this injustice.


Workers participating in the campaign, with their comments asked to be accepted. One worker stated that they reached the 500 signature in just one day. Our belief is that we are the only punch and that we will announce our victim to the solution authorities. Tek

Another worker commented: “We breathe smoke and paint under tons of loads. We also risk ourselves with thousands of volts of energies. The place comes, we get soaked at +35 degrees, we shake at -15. But we produce… Now this is the dumb devil who is silent in the face of injustice and inequality! ”

To go to the signature campaign of railway-work workers CLICK HERE!



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