Bursa Kent Meydani-Otogar tram line passes critical junction

Bursa Kent Meydanı-Otogar tram line passes the critical intersection: In Bursa, an important intersection on the T2 line, which will serve between the city square and the terminal, is exceeded.

The rafters of the first section of the Kent Square Bridge were mounted overnight in the 4. With the completion of the bridge, both vehicles and tram will be able to switch at the same time. Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, T2 line will be put into service in the first month of 2018.

Stating that the prefabricated beam assembly of the K4 bridge on the City Square-Terminal route has been completed, President Recep Altepe said, “Of course, the most important solution of an accessible city is the rail system and public transportation. Because no matter how much we do about small vehicles on the road, there is no way we can solve them. Unfortunately, this problem has not been resolved in any metropolitan city in the world. It is not possible to solve urban traffic with rubber wheel systems. In this field, we are doing our best to expand the rail system, popularize public transportation, and to realize the projects on this subject faster. In this sense, one of the most important works currently being carried out is our line on Yalova Road, which we call Istanbul Street. It will carry this burden from the bus station to the city center. Here, 3 lanes are placed on our rail system line as well as the round trip roads ”.

70 can do speeding
Stating that high carrying capacity and serial wagons will work on the T2 line, Altepe said, “The wagons will be able to speed about 70 kilometers here. In particular, there will be no other passage than the city square. For him, this city square is an important area. A large bridge is being built. There is great potential here. It becomes an important intersection that can handle the density here. The construction of the crossroad between the city square and Gençosman continues rapidly. Part of the bridge has been built. The arrival part was put. The other part will be put. It will have a distinct look at the end of this year, with nine stations and overhead bridges. With our stations and overpasses like modern artworks, a modern rail system line will be opened to transportation without interruption for 9 kilometers between the city square and the bus station. The most important constructions were these bridges and they are being completed quickly ”.

Available bridges will use pedestrians
Altepe stated that the two existing bridges in the city square will be arranged for the pedestrians in the future and added: leyen Our current bridges are now standing. We will consider those bridges. In the first stage we can do it for the use of vehicles. But then we can only do it in the pedestrian. These new bridges will remain as bridges in the rail system of wheeled vehicles while the other bridges in the same way we will protect them in the same way, lar he said.

2018 will be in service
Recep Altepe, who gave the good news that the T2 line will be opened in 2018, said, X Normally its calendar was the end of this year. But unfortunately it is a little late. A few months may be delayed. So in the first months of 2018, I hope we will have finished. Our goal is of course to be completed at the beginning of the year, Hedef he said.

President Altepe added, adding that the citizens do not become victims, while we are doing the construction, sık We are careful not to make our citizens victim as much as possible. Night 22: After the 00 we put the tables. And as much traffic as possible does not stop. The most important place was the city square bridge. The area will be greatly relieved after this is over. We are trying to complete the construction by giving the least disturbance as possible, M he said.

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