BTS made a statement about the accident in Adana

BTS made a statement about the accident that occurred in Adana: United Transport Employees Union (BTS) explained that the accident that occurred in Adana Hacıkırı station caused the subcontracted workers to get into railway traffic.

2 has lost its life as a result of the loss of the control of the business car of EMRERAY company, which is working for the catenary line at Hacıkırı Station.

First of all, we extend our condolences to the railway community with the families and relatives of those who lost their lives.

Almost common cause of these accidents is the privatization work carried out under the name of restructuring as we have repeatedly said.

Railway is a profession acquired by experience. The recruitment of subcontracted workers who have no experience and experience and who are unfamiliar with the railway vehicles and traffic is inviting these murders.

Rail traffic should be carried out from a single center as a whole. In this case, under the name of restructuring works, the elements of traffic are separated, independent of each other and unannounced.

We warn you once more.

We warn the political authority and the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications; From these privatization efforts, give up the elements of traffic as soon as possible.

The basis of railway transportation should not be relied on profit ambition, but on the safety of traffic and on the safety of employees.

If this is not done, ignoring the public nature of rail transport and trying to explain everything with profit / loss account will lead to the continuation of these accidents and become more dangerous.

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