Bombardier Transportation to Exhibit Its Most Advanced Technologies at Eurasia Rail

Bombardier Transportation, the Most Advanced Technologies will be exhibiting at Eurasia Rail Fair: Bombardier high-speed trains last-tech products, locomotives and public transport offers solutions to improve transportation in Turkey

Bombardier Transportation, the leader of rail system technologies, will exhibit environment-friendly, innovative and high-tech transportation solutions at Eurasia Rail 2 Fair, which will be held at Istanbul Expo Center between 4-2017 March. Bombardier, in order to meet the growing transportation needs of the fair will show that it is ready to offer the ideal solution for Turkey.

according to Turkey's rapidly developing rail transport system BOMBARDIER ZEFIRO high speed trains, BOMBARDIER Traxx AC Last Mile locomotive and driverless, automated Bombardier INNOVIA family will come to the fore at the fair all vehicles driven MITRAC BOMBARDIER providing high quality and reliability in railway operations and control technology with hardware.

The ZEFIRO family is capable of operating at top speed limits such as 250 km / h from 360 km. Fully equipped for use on the high-speed train lines throughout Europe, ZEFIRO's weight-reducing aluminum body ensures high passenger comfort while the improved draw frame system provides reliability and performance guarantee.

The innovative BOMBARDIER TRAXX AC Last Mile locomotive is capable of working without stopping for the passage of electric and non-electric rail lines. The locomotive is completely emission-free since it can only work with a battery at short distances. This innovative new technology offers uninterrupted transport for operators in the competitive global market.

Bombardier's latest INNOVIA Automatic Transport Systems deliver sustainable integrated mobility, meeting the urgent needs of road to rail to reduce traffic jams and air pollution. This versatile, fully automated and driverless technology portfolio incorporates monorail, metro and automated human handling solutions, integrating reliable performance and overall operational flexibility with effective passenger capacity, energy consumption and space utilization to optimize urban traffic. In this regard, Bombardier, Turkey's first CBTC driverless metro system builds on the Istanbul M7 M5 and subway lines.

Bomberdier, the world's leading subway and monorail supplier, is a state-of-the-art, high-capacity MOVIA track providing fast, reliable and cost-effective access to major cities such as London, Berlin, Shanghai, Singapore and New Delhi. INNOVA Monorail 300, with its proven technology worldwide, offers a reduced frequency and less energy consumption.

Bombardier founded the first metro system in Ankara for the first time in years 1995 in Turkey, after Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Eskişehir and Bursa light rail transport in different cities of Turkey (LRT) and developed tram systems, since 2011 years 30 BOMBARDIER FLEXITY Swift used in Bursa, light rail vehicles help reduce air pollution and improve the quality of transportation.

Also over the years, Bombardier BOMBARDIER 25 transit signal system cıtyflo offers to Turkey. Bombardier also equips the Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak line with high quality BOMBARDIER INTERFLO 1 technology for ERTMS Level 250 and connection controls, while the BOMBARDIER EBI Cab 2000 on-board board device 20 is installed on the locomotive. These new technologies provide the highest safety standards by increasing the capacity and speed of the lines.



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