It was fun to be the first traveler of the tram Tram

It was fun to be the first traveler of the tram Tram

Witnessing history is an important privilege Tarih
Future generations will be talked about Gelecek
Once upon a time the railway was passing through the city center of Izmit.
Nostalgic view was beautiful al
However, Izmit was growing day by day. The passage of the railway from the city center was no longer a problem. The traffic flow was a problem. In addition, at least one or two people a week were able to live under the train, even if not every day.
1990'li years in the heart of the city in the middle of the human corpses that have been broken down I've made a lot of news UM

The train line was lifted and taken to the coastal section.
We were talking and talking about how the train line would be taken to the shore if we were to talk and report today about the tram in the city center every day şehir

In the beginning of 1990 rails were installed in the coastal area.
In the 1990s, the train line in the city center was completely removed.
At that time, an organization was held to witness the history before the rails were lifted.

Young Izhudiler Association, which formed the city agenda with its activities at that time, took the city protocol a souvenir photo on the tracks the day before the tracks were dismantled O
I was in that photo taken to witness history Tarih
An important memory for me Benim
I keep that photo at home O

I witnessed the history for the second time the previous day Önceki
The tram, which is the biggest longing in Izmit, has been spoken in this city for many years İzmit
In the 1990's Sefa Sirmen era was brought to the agenda. However, despite many years passed, no local government had been able to realize the tram project.
The construction of the tram project was granted to Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, the mayor of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.
A very important project when viewed Bak
In some countries of the world, tramway projects have come to life in European countries and even in some cities of our country.
Our province would be the first.

Karaosmanoğlu and his team kept the promise they made in the local election of 2014 and implemented the project of passing the tram line in the 7.2 kilometer area between SEKA and the bus terminal.
The work was accelerated immediately after the election.

Not easy to perform tram project…
Problems that may occur on the route that the lines will pass. No unexpected issues have come out Ki
It took a long time if the infrastructure was not finished.
Even the project was not completed in the given time Hatta

The previous day, 23 March 2017 is an important date for Izmit,
The history of the work started for the tram aş
Tram ”TEST DRIVING“ was done Tram

Metropolitan Municipality organized the organization for ÜŞ TEST DRIVING ehir Büyük
The newspaper invited broadcaster directors to witness this date to show that the tramway is now in its infancy.

Mavi Kocaeli Newspaper, Özgür Kocaeli Newspaper, Çağdaş Kocaeli Newspaper, Büyük Kocaeli Newspaper, We have been invited as Editor-in-Chief of Bizim Yaka Newspaper.
We witnessed the tram's first-time test drive.
I witnessed the second time in history Tarih
An important and proud development for me Benim
The tram project, which will cost 200 million pounds, was much criticized X
It wasn't the trolley project that was so spoken and reacted. Problems occurring in the regions where tramway project is underway Tram
When the work started in the middle of the city, the trades became shabby, the traffic lines were changed every day Şehr

People can't even walk in the city center on foot…
A project that has been unexpected, has never been thought of, and has made unforeseen problems m
Of course, the local newspapers have moved these newspapers to newspapers almost every day.

Metropolitan Municipality has been criticized for the problems arising from the tram project Tram
There was only one name for all these criticisms…
Secretary General TAHİR BÜYÜKAKIN Genel
The reviews were always welcomed. He threw it in İç
He has shown a superhuman endeavor to minimize problems and shows it in the present mek
Every time I called him about the tram, I opened the phone and answered my questions, at what time I called.
Although he is fed up with criticism, he has always answered my questions without hesitation.
It was the happiest in the tram booth we took the test ride the previous day and the most enjoyable was the BUYUKAKIN Önceki

The tram project to Izmit was brought under the chairmanship of President Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu.
This project will be written on the history pages.
An important detail for the city Kent

President Karaosmanoğlu, "Homeland" did the test drive. In other words, he switched to the control cabinet and worked as a tram driver.
We sat in the tram cabins of journalists and senior executives of the Metropolitan Municipality et
President Karaosmanoğlu pushed the button saying tram Bismillah ism and started the tram Başkan
We set off from the starting point at the bus station.
It was slow. By enjoying his Key
As there was a test drive, there were some shortcomings on the route that were not yet finished. For example, there are no pauses yet.
The lines are not yet new and are not in place, there are still construction partners on the right and left of the lines. There is not much work done along the route Güz
I felt it inside the cabin. Tram slips like oil Tram
There was no misfire etrik So the rails were made by millimetric calculations Hiç
There were citizens around when I looked inside the cabin. They were watching the tramway pass. I've seen a single clapping and waving alk
Traveling by bus is more than just watching the surrounding area by traveling by seyahat

It's a nice feeling…
Since the whole line has not been completed yet, we traveled between Anıtpark and the bus station, where we witnessed our test drive tamamı

Very criticized, very spoken iril
The criticism of the shopkeepers and people who suffered during the work also upset local administrators af
But when the tram line is completely finished, when the lines are cleared, when the deficiencies are cleared, when the stops are made, when the parquet arrangements are made to the right and left of the line, a visual picture will be revealed.
Then the trams will work against the buzz O

Izmit people in the process of tram work very ef cefa bundan but after that “will“ will live İzmit
The bus ride from the buses is both safer, more clean and more comfortable Tram

We received information from TAHİR BÜYÜKAKIN, the secretary-general, who overwhelmed the biggest burden of this project during the travel Seyahat
The tram line, which will run between SEKA park-Bus Station, is a total of ar
In these lines, 14 was designed to carry a thousand passengers a day. But; The project is planned according to 2035 and 50 is aimed at passenger transportation in a way to address yolcu
There is 11 stall along the line. There is an 6 stop between the Bus Station and Anıtpark.
At which stop the tram stops at the station is called the name of the stop. We stop at the stop until the Memorial Park
16 arrived in minutes.
If we calculate that the tram stopped at each stop for a minute or a half. This makes approximately 25 minutes Bu
If you take the bus between the bus station and the SEKA park, take the bus to the nearest bus station. The tram ime will arrive in about 35 minutes Tram
The tram line will run on the full 12 tram car. Each wagon is 33 meters long and has a total passenger seating capacity of 294 and the 240 passenger has the capacity to go metre

Nevzat Doğan was very happy Nev

Tram da TEST DRIVING ı program was attended by the Mayor of Izmit Nevzat Dogan Tram

However, Dogan, like us, did not take the tram in the bus station. Vatman Metropolitan Mayor İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu took Doğan by standing at a stop in Yahya Kaptan District Büyük
Dog ride on the tram was delightful and happy Tram
He joined each program with a half hour and an hour delay, and this is no longer the case.
Ride on the tram was delightful and happy Tram
He started making jokes right and left Sağ
He literally greeted journalists from the back of the tram.
It is the fact that the tram project is done in Izmit. In the work of tramway project, there were many problems in İzmit and it is still happening. When Dogan was the city responsible for the problems, Dogan often confronted the public.

But each time he threw the ball into the Metropolitan Municipality, Büyük It's not my project. This distress and torment is responsible for the big city. Ve
However, taking the tram, Dogan returned to the reporters and made statements. … We make the promise we make san ”he spoke as if the project was his own“
Dogan talking, the back of us and some of the managers of the Metropolitan Municipality were disturbed by these statements. Iler These statements should be made by the President Karaosmanoğlu, Dogan does duty on the statements that do not show Kara showed their reaction “
I think Dogan did wrong here. He acted as if he had undertaken the project Proj
He told reporters, açıklama Don't ask me for an explanation. The architect of this project is the Metropolitan Municipality. Get an explanation from our Mayor dan
This was a remarkable situation Dikkat

The tram project is a historic project for this city. When this project is completed, it will have a very big work for Metropolitan Municipality tamam
I would like to thank everyone who contributed on behalf of the city ği
It was a historic moment for me Benim
I'm happy…

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