Banks competed for ATMs at metro stations

Banks competed for ATMs at metro stations: Banks finally competed for ATMs at metro stations on the Anatolian and European Side of Istanbul

Metro stations in both the Anatolian and European sides of Istanbul are active around the clock. Especially the mobility and intensity at some of the main stops bring a fierce struggle for walking. Now this mobility is reflected in the banking sector.

Recently we noticed that some of the bank ATMs at the metro stations were removed, so we decided to investigate a bit. There was a tender process in which we had a fierce competition. Following the tender process in January, new ATMs will be relocated in April.

According to the information we have obtained, Ziraat Bank, İş Bank, Garanti Bank, Halkbank, Akbank and Denizbank have a competitive competition for the first car in the ATM track that was opened by Metro AŞ, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

• The ATM auction at the metro stations was in January. Metro Inc. divided the route into 5. Stations at the main arterial stops and the number of passengers were brought together as a package and presented as a 'balanced' distribution by the bankers.

• In this tender process, Metro AŞ also wanted to draw the appearance of ATMs. Therefore, the places where the main safes were placed were re-designed. In the past each bank put its own cabin, in the new regulation banks are becoming the tenants of the area organized by the metron.

• However, the withdrawal of ATMs that ended the contract with the construction of the booths did not coincide in time and the withdrawal points at the metro stations brought the complaints of the citizens and the banks remained together.

• At the new points, the establishment of ATMs in new design cases and the services of banks will find the month of April.

• In the meantime, there are many stops at the bank exchange.

• When the auction was made with the auction method, the price of 3 for the previous year was 2. Yenikapı is the name of the stop which has the most competitive price competition.

Bankers noted that the figures on the European Side increased to higher levels than the Asian Side in general. The most popular line on the Asian side Kadıköy- Eagle.

• According to the information given, the lowest rental price is 180 thousand TL / year, the highest price is 650 thousand TL / year.

HSBC Turkey, Finansbank will use QNB ATMs

HSBC also news from Turkey. HSBC spoken will come a time in Turkey Turkey, Selim Kervancýlar restructuring its business model after the appointment of the Director General. The bank will now purchase service from QNB Finansbank on the ATM track. According to this new collaboration HSBC Turkey, retail banking customers, all banking transactions from HSBC's digital channel, phone banking, ATMs and will continue to perform its other branches. They will be able to make deposits to the credit card or to the demand account (TL) and withdrawal from the demand account (TL) transactions at QNB Finansbank ATMs free of charge within the limits set.

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