Minister Arslan gave a date for Çukurova Airport

Minister Arslan gave a date for Çukurova Airport: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Arslan: “In the note in front of me 2019a kadar bitecek diyor ama değerli bakanlarımız açıkladılar. Bizim 2019We don't have the luxury of waiting and patience. Hopefully, if my Lord gives life on October 29, 2018, we are here, we will open this airport and the terminal together. ”

In his speech at the "Launching Ceremony of Çukurova Airport" held with the participation of European Union (EU) Minister and Chief Negotiator Ömer Çelik and Development Minister Lütfi Elvan, Arslan stated that he was very happy to be in Mersin.

Arslan stated that the number of major projects in 3 provinces is 34, not including the Çukurova Regional Airport and high-speed train projects.

Indicating that some of the dreams of the investments can not even reach the numbers of Arslan, said they continue to work with the support of the public.

Minister Arslan, only the airport will employ 2 thousand 500 people per year, not only to use the airport Adanalı, Mersinli and Osmaniye, but also stressed that the export terminal can be done with exports.

“One of the biggest tracks in the world”

Arslan reminiscent of the fact that Adana Airport serves over 4 passengers over a million people today.

“If you think of Adana, Mersin and Osmaniye, we are talking about 4,5 million people. Our Adana Airport was insufficient where there were so many people. We said we need an airport that can appeal to the larger region and we planned this place. The track to be built here is 3 meters to 500 meters. One of the biggest tracks in the world. We are making a runway suitable for the A60, the world's largest aircraft, to land. It will not be enough, it will have one of the second largest tracks in the world, next to 380 meters, it will be the second track next to 2 meters. With its opening, it will have an apron where more than 3 aircraft can park at the same time. More importantly, your airport in Adana serves. It has a closed area of ​​500 thousand square meters. It is not enough for 45 million people and the region. Here we will make terminals of 2 thousand square meters. 15 times Adana. Why? Because there is such a need. When you put indoor and other indoor areas for cargo, we make an airport with a closed area of ​​12 thousand square meters. We don't do this to show off, to let someone play ball inside. We do these to the people of the region, to the economy, to export their products. These numbers mean a lot to me. Only the Çukurova Regional Airport, the part of which we started construction today, is 4.5 million. But we are talking about an investment of 250 billion with its terminals and other closed areas and functions. 20 quadrillion with old money. We came from a country that needs 500 cents at the gate of the IMF, to a country that can only invest 221 quadrillion in an airport. Thanks to whom? Of course, thanks to you. Thanks to the president you have chosen and supported and their teammates. ”

Arslan, stating that they will not be satisfied with these, said, “We will carry our country forward and strengthen it. It can be said that you have already enlarged 3.5 times what is needed. If we say that we have grown 3.5 times and we stay in the place where we are, we will not be left behind the world, but stay behind. That's why we have to grow and strengthen much faster. That's why we need your support. ” he spoke.

“We will open the airport on October 29, 2018”

This airport for everyone, especially ministers stressing that great effort, Arslan, said they want to offer the airport as soon as possible to citizens.

Aslan, stating that they do not want to wait for the airport, said:

“We have done the tender for the superstructure, the evaluation ends now, I hope we will start the superstructure today. The note in front of me says it will end until 2019, but our esteemed ministers explained. We do not have the luxury of waiting and patience until 2019. Hopefully, if my Lord gives life on October 29, 2018, we are here, we will open this airport, the terminal together. But it doesn't matter that I may not be the individual. As long as you have this strong support and you stand so strong behind your leader and your teammates, on 29 October 2018, we will have gained an enviable airport not only for Çukurova, but for the world, thanks to Allah. ”

After the speeches, Arslan, Elvan and Steel came together with the protocol protocol members to start the construction of the airport pushed the button.



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