Why are workers' deaths hidden at the third airport

Why workers' deaths are concealed at the third airport: The remarks of the workers working in the third airport construction reveal how the construction site turned to a cemetery for workers

Labor and the reports prepared by human rights organizations, the size of the business reasons to come to this murder happened in Turkey "profit greed of the bosses" as interpreted. AKP's "largest investment in the history of Turkey" continue to be made as he praised the claims of workers in the construction xnumx'ünc Airport in Istanbul, the site revealed that it has become a giant tomb. The airport project is almost like the construction of the Egyptian Pyramids of the modern era. Tens of thousands of workers lost their lives in the construction of the Pyramids. Workers who expressed a great number of deaths in the construction site, stressed that these deaths even hid themselves. Workers noted that the deaths on the construction site were ler threatened with dismissal if they were reflected in the public and the press İş.

In front of the workers İş

A worker who worked at the 3 Airport and did not share his name conveyed the work killings he witnessed on the construction site. The worker, describing a business murder he witnessed, said, ges I was working at the location where the tower would be erected in the terminal district. The employee was in VMK. The pier fell on the worker. 30 meters from the height of the concrete crashed. They removed the funeral. He gave his family money and silenced them. A

Continuous friends are dying

Workers who work on the construction site is very heavy, işçi The workers are constantly dying before the eyes of the workers. The other day, a worker sank from the building to the belly of his stomach. He was torn up. Par Many workers are working on the construction site said that the worker, during his one-year period of work only heard about himself 30 work murder, he said. . We had two Kars friends when it snowed. There were no seat belts. The pier was overthrown. They fell and died. Firms are irresponsible, chefs do not supervise, do not care, Firm he said.


The worker stated that the workers had expressed their reactions in the face of the work killings. Belir After a job murder, the workers have discussed with the chefs. They've left a batch. They're not reflecting on this. They're giving money and silencing. That's why he's so disguised. The operation of the airport is stopped. They do not reflect because of fear. O

The worker states that the conditions of the site are bad, işçi The workers do not want to work under these conditions. We see with our own eyes. Meals are served here, limited food is served. There is pressure on the workers, İş he said.

Another worker in the subcontractor who said that he worked for 3 for a month on the construction site. The worker stated that the workers were working in harsh conditions. They've got him over. That's not official. So no one can find the interlocutor. The salaries of the workers in the heavy industry are invested in the minimum wage. If the salary 1 bin is invested as a thousand 3, and the other hand. But when they want to give it to them ... They give it a piece. You're running a minimum wage. The relevant ministries are not interested in this. Because nobody checks it. That's how it goes gider gel

Accidents happen a lot

Workers noted that the earthmoving trucks were almost killing, adet They are working on the premium method. The more times they make a day, the more money they make. This is going to cost both him and the other person. Service vehicles located in the site distributes workers to the campuses. These are from the side of the trucks. And if something falls, people will die from the truck. Ve Labor security experts, the workers in labor safety, also touched on the worker, de They told us that many workers died. Business security people don't work on that. They just tell us to take care, Bize he said.

Even the workers don't know

Another worker, who left the airport construction and did not share his name, said that there was a 7-8 work murder that he witnessed. Emphasizing that the work-related murders in the public were prevented, the worker said that even the workers were aware of the deaths. He explained a job murder that he witnessed: bir There was a dent in the construction site. A few days before the snow fell. Several cars rolled in. Even our news is too late. A Vietnamese worker is dead. Field personnel were killed by the truck. In another incident, two service vans collided. 15-16 had injured, 1 had dead. X

On the agenda of the Assembly

The CHP Istanbul deputy who asked questions about the deaths of the Assembly Ali Seker, airport work site, but many of them are iş traffic accidents an as reflected in the workplace, he added. Since there are filler areas on the construction site, which indicates that often collapses Sugar, as a result of the negligence of many workers lost their lives said. Sugar, there is no clear data on the construction site, saying that there is a clear data, "the tender to the contractor to the side of the tender," he said.

In February, the 45 work day of the airport construction site where the 3 business murder of Sugar's question still waiting to be answered.

Breeding pressure

According to information obtained from our newspaper, the majority of the deaths in the 3 Airport construction is due to vehicle accidents. Job killings, the airport is said to be caused by the pressure to grow as soon as possible. This is why deaths are considered as traffic accidents. On the construction site, approximately 2 thousand trucks and a large number of work machines are working; insufficiency in the regulation of work and vehicle traffic is an important problem.

Source : www.kuzeyormanlari.org

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