Artvinli Gedik`s Cable Car with Cabin

Artvinli Gedik Ropeway with cabins: In Arhavi district of Artvin, Mustafa Gedik, the 52-year-old who decided to do beekeeping on the slope without a path, found a practical solution for the cost of bridge construction. Gedik, a cable car with 35 meter length between the two sides of the valley, reaches the beehives.

Mustafa Gedik engaged in beekeeping in Güneşli Village and wanted to place his hives on the opposite slope of the Çifteköprü Creek, which lasted for a long time. Considering that the bridge would be costly to reach the slope with no roads, Gedik decided to establish a ropeway. Tying one end of the 35 meter steel rope to the tree root and the other end to the 5 ton rock brought by the work machine, Gedik set up a rope roped double cabin ropeway. Gedik, reaching this position easily, developed a brake system to slow the accelerating chamber.

Mustafa Gedik, who explained that he was installing a ropeway that was simpler than a bridge would cost, said, ağ This system is more comfortable and safe. That's how I reach my beehives easily. There's no danger. Very solid. THY competitor. M he argued that primitive systems would not give technical breakdowns.

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