The heart of Antalya is beating at Tünektepe

The cable car was good for Antalya: The Tünektepe Cable Car Project, which was opened by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, became the new attraction center of Antalya. 3 25 thousand people went to Tünektepe with a cable car and reached the insatiable views of the city.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's 'Your feet will be cut from the ground' with the slogan opened by the Tünektepe Cable Car Project was the indispensable people of Antalya. Tünektepe, which shows great interest of citizens, is flocking to visitors. Especially at weekends, the people of Antalya take the breath at Tünektepe. 4 has been in service since February and a full 25 thousand people went to Tünektepe from Sarisu to enjoy a bird's eye view of Antalya.

The Teleferik Social Facilities at the summit of Tünektepe has become a center of life for the people of Antalya. Citizens can cater for their food and drink needs from the rich menu, accompanied by the magnificent view of the cable car café. In addition, 4 binoculars placed around the café have the opportunity to explore Antalya. In the following days, a bazaar will be set up in the social facility where ASMEK trainees' handicraft products will be exhibited.

Konyaalti Sarısu 650 altitude Tünektepe'e 9 minutes are reached in a short time. The 1706 meter-long cable car with 36 cab is capable of carrying 1200 per hour. The cable car carries the distinction of being the cheapest of Turkey, a person 15 pounds, two people moving to the 20 pounds.

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