3 of Antalya. stage rail system project will soon start

The 3rd stage rail system project of Antalya will start soon: The 3rd stage rail system project, which is expected to serve most of Antalya, is reached towards the end. The project was submitted to the Ministry of Transport.

The 3rd stage project of the Rail System, which is expected to be approved after various inspections, will start from Varsak and leave from Kepez Municipality to Sakarya Boulevard. The 3rd stage line, which will be combined with the existing rail system at the bus station, continues from Dumlupınar Boulevard and goes to the Faculty of Medicine-University Entrance-Meltem-Education Research Hospital and will be combined with the Nostalgia tram line at the Museum. The Museum-Zerdalilik Rail System Line will be renewed within the scope of the project and a double line system will be constructed in the form of Varsak-Sakarya Boulevard-Bus Station-University-Meltem-Hospital-Museum-Lights.

The necessary permits were granted by the General Directorate of Infrastructure of the Ministry of Transport for the 3 Phase of the Rail System of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and the Cruise Port projects. The projects were submitted to the approval of the High Planning Council of the Ministry of Development in the next stage. The application petitions were presented by President Türel, Development Minister Lütfü Elvan.

The dream projects that Menderes Türel, the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality wishes to bring to Antalya; Rail System 3's third stage and another important bend for the Cruise Port projects have been passed. Ministry of Transport General Directorate of Infrastructure gave the necessary permissions to the projects. In the next stage, two projects were submitted to the approval of the Ministry of Development High Planning Council. Türel thanked the Minister of Transportation Ahmet Arslan and all employees of the General Directorate of Infrastructure, who gave the necessary permissions to the projects.

The 3rd stage rail system line that will be built between Vartem and Meltem will be 17 kilometers. The line that starts in front of Eski Varsak Municipality and extends to Kepez Municipality, Sakarya Boulevard- Bus Station- Akdeniz University and Meltem will reach the Research and Application Hospital and will be brought together with a nostalgic tram line. With the rehabilitation of the 6-kilometer nostalgia line, the third stage line from Varsak to Zerdalilik will be completed. A complete ring will be created in Antalya with other rail system lines. Antalya, including Meydan-Kepez, Meydan-EXPO, Varsak-Meteorology-Meteoroji-Sampi Junction, will have reached a total of 3 kilometers of rail system this period. When the project is completed, a citizen from Varsak will be able to reach the university, the hospital, the airport, the slaughterhouse, wherever he wants.

Varsak-Meltem will be between the 3'inci stage of the application of the High Planning Council, which personally presented to the Minister of Development Lutfi Elvan'a President Menderes Türel, said: “I personally follow my own documents in hand. Even when I knocked on the door of some of our ministers, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality paperwork officer came to me, he makes jokes to them, I personally present the paperwork with my hands. I told the same thing to our Minister of Development Lütfi Elvan on Saturday. Mr. Lütfi makes important contributions to Antalya as he is the Minister of Development. He served as a deputy in Antalya for a short period. He had commitments at the time, and he always said that he never forgot his commitments. He said that what I said at that time, I'm still a follower of all of them in Antalya. I thanked him as a plus for our support. Millet

3 the city center. Mayor Menderes Türel, who stated that they will meet with the stage rail system line, gave the following information about the project: or Starting from the old municipality of Varsak, turning right from Kepez Municipality to Sakarya Boulevard. After arriving at the bus station, he returns to the Faculty of Medicine with a viaduct, passes in front of Akdeniz University and ends in front of the Training and Research Hospital. We are talking about a route of approximately 28 km. Not only that. We renew the nostalgia tram line completely and continue to the Research Hospital and bring this system together. We will bring Antalya with the most modern system in the world with a brand new car park. As such, when you get from Varsak or Kepezaltı Power Plant in Antalya, you will be able to reach the airport, Işıklar Research Hospital, Faculty of Medicine, Atatürk State Hospital easily in every part of Antalya. ”

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