Antalya 3 Stage Rail System and Cruise Port Project submitted to YPK Approval

Antalya 3 Stage Rail System and Cruise Port Projects were submitted to the Supervisor: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's Rail System 3 Stage and Cruise Port projects were given the necessary permissions by the Ministry of Transport General Directorate of Infrastructure. The projects were submitted to the Ministry of Development's High Planning Council for approval at a later stage. The petition of the petition President Türel, Minister of Development Lütfü Elvan personally handed.

Menderes Türel, the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality, wants to bring dream projects to Antalya; Rail System 3 stage and a more important curve was passed for the cruise port projects. Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Infrastructure, gave the necessary permissions to the projects. In the next phase, two projects were submitted to the Ministry of Development's High Planning Council (YPK). Türel thanked the Minister of Transport Ahmet Arslan and the staff of the General Directorate of Infrastructure for granting the necessary permissions to the projects.

President Menderes Türel presented the petition of the projects to the Minister of Development Lütfü Elvan personally, who brought the most important projects to Antalya during his candidacy for Antalya deputy chairman and deputy in the past week. President Türel thanked Antalya President Lütfü Elvan on behalf of the people of Antalya for his close interest to Antalya and all the support he has given so far and his special sensitivity to these two projects. Noting that Elvan is a great chance for Antalya, Türel said that he saw Antalya as a plus deputy and that Antalya was never interested in its issues.

Antalya will be one of the most important centers of cruise tourism in Lara with its Cruise Port and Marina Project. The Cruise Port Project, which can be visited by giant cruise ships, will make a great contribution to both tourism and city tradesmen. The 2 345 meter, 1 150 meter, 4 100 meter cruise ship can dock at the same time. The marina will be equipped with an 426 yacht capacity. Thousands of rich tourists who will come to Antalya by sea, will become one of the important stopping points of cruise and yacht tourism.

There will be an 3 line of 17 to be constructed between Varsak and Meltem. It will start in front of the former Varsak Municipality and reach the front of Kepez Municipality, Sakarya Boulevard - Otogar- Akdeniz University and Meltem, which will reach the front of the Research and Application Hospital and meet with the nostalgic tram line. With the rehabilitation of the 6 kilometer nostalgia line, the 3 phase one from Varsak to Zerdalilik will be completed. With the other rail system lines, a complete ring will be formed in Antalya. Antalya, including Meydan-Kepez, Meydan-EXPO, Varsak-Meteorology-Meteoroge-Sampi Intersection, will have reached the total 52.1 kilometer rail system line. When the project is completed, a citizen from Varsak will be able to reach the desired location from the university to the hospital, from the airport to the slaughterhouse by rail.

Dilek I'm an application officer of the municipality, çel said Türel, hand petitions to the Minister Elvan.

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