Announcement of Free Card Users

Announcement Complaint of Free Card Users: Officials of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate replied, "This method is applied to prevent illegal card use", to the complaints that citizens over 65 years of age who benefit from urban public transportation free of charge are disturbed by the announcement of their age when they have their cards read.

Following the press coverage of Şeref Malkoç, the Chief Auditor (Ombudsman), that "a citizen over 65, who is a free card user, applied to them, conveyed his discomfort due to the announcement of his age while using public transport", a statement came from EGO officials.

Or This method is being applied to prevent the use of illegal cards as well as to create an important resource for identifying passenger potential and travel demands, Yet said the authorities.

EGO officials stated that the electronic public transport card Ankarakart is designed as "full", "student" and "free", and "discounted" and "free" Ankarakart cards are prepared exclusively for the owner.

EGO officials stated that the citizens of 61-65 are given free-of-charge roaming cards for use outside the peak hours for public transportation purposes by the Metropolitan Municipality and that the citizens of 65 age are free to use free cards legally at any time of the day.

Authorities who noted that during the inspections carried out by the inspectors, some people who had the right to use free or discounted cards made use of their own cards to their spouses, children, grandchildren, relatives or third parties who are not entitled to use it, both the age of specifying the card type and determining the type of card also announced the announcement of the voice of men and women.

Authorities, through this application, someone else using the card to travel without paying a large amount of people in front of the pass said they said.

EGO officials stated that thanks to electronic card reading, the number of passengers in the EGO public transport system was determined and an important source of data was provided for the implementation of the application accordingly. M This data is used as an important source in determining the passenger potential and travel demands in Ankara. For example, with this data, which stops, at what time the passenger density, which group of passengers are determined by determining the movement of the buses accordingly planned. Thus, the work has been done in the creation of a better quality and efficient transportation system. Böylece

In the capital, 61 65 24 437 and 65 bus between the age of 295 626 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX free card user reported on the age.

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  1. 65 age over the age of the free veterans used by the veterans of the age card does not mention. Only the 65 is over the top .. this is not an issue that will be uncomfortable. Uncomfortable to use the card, even if the age does not happen? If it is canceled, then the smart people will be victimized. KA