Mobile phone will solve the train accident in the island

Mobile phone will solve the train accident in Adana: 22-year-old Tuğba Serin died in Adana yesterday after being caught under the train. Police concentrated their studies on different possibilities related to the incident.

The body of 22-year-old Tuğba Serin was found on the train tracks in Adana. It was claimed that the unfortunate girl did not hear the sound of the train because she was listening to music through the headphones. However, the missing cell phone, despite having headphones in her ear, brought the possibility of murder into mind. It is being investigated whether the young girl was pushed onto the tracks by the person who stole her phone.

In the meantime, one person, the young girl's mobile phone disappeared. Police launched an accident-related work at the scene. According to the research, it was revealed that the girl who died was Tuğba Serin, 22. Work to determine who stole the mobile phone of the young girl after the accident was started. The girl's funeral was taken to the morgue of the forensic medicine institution for autopsy and identification work.

The body of Tuğba Serin, 22, who died in Adana after being hit by a train, was taken from the morgue of Adana Forensic Medicine Institute and buried in tears in Yeşiltepe Mahallesi Zöhre Cemetery in Osmaniye's Kadirli district. Serin's mother, Halise Serin, who tried to stand with the support of her relatives, said, “My boy is gone. Baby, you went young. If I died instead of you, baby. How will I endure this pain. Don't go dear. " he shed tears.



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