US companies are coming for partnership and cooperation with Turkish logistics

US companies are coming to partnership and cooperation with Turkish logists: while Russian wagon manufacturers are chasing investment, now the US companies are coming to cooperate and cooperate with Turkish logistics companies.

11 major US companies operating in the field of transportation technologies are coming to discuss investment and partnership opportunities. Logistics sector representatives are preparing for this visit. Three separate meetings will be held in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir. Most of the arrivals are operating in the railway field. Previously declared their intention to invest in Greenbrier, he wants to produce cars in Turkey. Among the incoming companies are Amsted Rail, which produces chassis and wagon parts for heavy-duty wagons and locomotives, Caterpillar's railway company Progress Rail Services, Texas A&M, which produces transportation solutions, and Trimble, which has 100 patents in transportation and wireless communication.

The American Embassy's Undersecretariat of Commerce is organizing the arrival program of US companies. All organizations operating in the logistics sector were informed. The US delegation "to recognize the rapidly growing Turkish transport sector more closely, he wants to assess their cooperation and investment opportunities in Turkey," he reported. One-to-one interviews between Turkish and American companies will take place in April at 3, in Ankara at 4 April and at 6 in April in Istanbul. Speaking to the world, representatives of the industry's leading organizations such as UTIKAD, UND and DTD informed their members in writing about the issue and stated that they would attend the meetings. Companies will also meet one-on-one with American companies in the delegation. DTD General Manager Yasar Rota, especially the railway companies that this visit is important, in the medium term, important cooperation and investment opportunities may arise, he said.

Most of the arrivals are

major transportation investments made in recent years in Turkey is increasing the interest of foreign companies in Turkey. In recent years, more than 300 has been invested in billion investments. There are many more investments that awaken the interest of foreign companies. Another issue that attracts the attention of foreign companies who want to get a share while establishing a new system with high speed train lines, logistic villages and port connections is the opening of the railways to the private sector. The fact that the state monopoly has been lifted in railway transportation creates jobs for companies not only in production but also in transportation field. With the removal of the monopoly of TCDD, only the private sector is expected to make big investments in this area. It is noteworthy that the incoming US companies mainly serve the railway sector.

The Russians are also looking for the opportunity to invest in wagon and locomotive

Ibrahim Oz, the former Chairman of the Association of Railway Transportation (ICD), said that the railway sector and the association care about this meeting and that their companies will meet with two companies. US companies at such a time, despite all the negative developments of that will come to Turkey stressed that the indication that they renounce market İbrahim Özer, "This may not appear immediately investment decisions of the meetings, but among them we know that companies that want to invest in Turkey. We do not expect foreign investment this year. When the uncertainties disappear after the referendum, there will be a mobility again. Currently, investments have slowed down. Everybody's on the brakes. Even the Arabs will not invest this year. After recovering this year, I think it is clear that Turkey's front. We are a company that carries transportation in many cities. There is an increase in tonnages. Imports and exports have mobility. The Russians began to come and go. They do research to produce cars and locomotives in Turkey. Although this year, I think there will still be mobility in foreign investment next year. Bu


future logistics sector in Turkey for talks with US companies 11 as follows:

► Greenbrier: In North America, Europe and Brazil, we produce cargo wagons, wagon parts, rail dumps and barge / pontoons both in our own production facilities and with our partners. It provides wheel service to transportation industries. 9 has a fleet of thousands of rental cars, in total 268 offers more than one thousand wagon management services. DTD former President Ibrahim Ozer, stated in his statement to the world that want to Greenbrier's production in Turkey.

► AIR: A leading technology company providing information technology and professional communication solutions to transportation sectors. Command management provides a wide range of professional solutions and products such as AVL / GPS, communication system testing, wireless coverage, emergency communication, system integration.

► Amsted Rail: One of the leading companies in producing chassis and wagon parts for heavy-duty wagons and locomotives. Active in six continents and all major rail market.

► Master Packing Rubber: locomotive production, nuclear power plant, water distribution networks, railway and maritime sector are operating in many different sectors.

► The Heritage Group: Specializes in various subjects such as construction and materials, environmental services and recycling, energy, refinement and specialty chemicals. 50 has been supplying asphalt products, aggregate supply and construction services for more than a year.

► NOVA Power Solutions: Since 1988, it has been developing sensitive, durable power backup modules for defense and industrial applications. He specializes in UPS solutions suitable for demanding working conditions required by city safety management systems, intelligent traffic systems and other industrial applications.

► Progress Rail Services Corporation: A Caterpillar company. It is one of the largest, integrated and diverse suppliers worldwide in rail and transit system product services. Manufacturer of diesel and natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines. Its services and products provide growth in the international railway sector.

► Right Weigh: One of the most preferred suppliers for digital load measurement systems. It produces reliable and affordable loading systems that increase productivity, profitability and safety in the transportation sector.

► Texas A&M Transportation Institute: A company that aims to provide solutions to the problems and difficulties encountered in transportation. It conducts more than 200 researches in the field of transportation every year with more than 700 sponsors from all levels of the state and private sector.

► Trimble: Location based solutions provider. Agriculture, engineering, construction, transportation and wireless communication infrastructure serves. Bin 100 is a company that offers the widest range of solutions in the sector with its patents.

► Tunnel Radio of America: Industrial systems, railways, mining, oil and gas enterprises are developing the technologies needed. Establishing wireless communication systems in hard-to-reach areas.

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