When will the transferage will end in subways in Ankara

When will the transference will end in the subways in Ankara: the 'troublesome sting' and 'the lack of wagons' are the main problems in the subways in Ankara.

In the current operation, a person who has taken the metro from Xinjiang should get on the 3 train (2 times transfer) to go to Çayyolu. Before the metro station Törekent, Batıkent station is coming from the vehicle, the same platform over the other metro ride to reach the Red Crescent. He goes down the subway, then finishes his journey by going to Çayyolu subway. When you add the time to reach the metro for a person sitting far away from the station, this journey can last close to 2 hours. Many citizens prefer minibuses and minibuses.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality announced in May that the transference of 2014 will end in May. The integration and signaling processes will be completed by the end of the year (end of 2014). Although we came to the third month of 2017 this problem could not be solved. And why couldn't this trouble be overcome?

As it is known, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication had made the tender for the 3 metro line (Sincan-Çayyolu-Keçiören), which could not be completed in Ankara.

Meters were opened to service before the requirements of the contract awarded by the Chinese CSR company were fulfilled.

As such, the lines started with the number of missing wagons, and the transit times of the capitalists were extended as well as the transfer orchard.

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