Leader Public Transport Application Moovit Now in Adana

Leading Public Transportation Application Moovit is now in Adana: The world's #1 public transportation application has launched Moovit Adana. Those who prefer public transportation in Adana can now travel smoothly in their cities using the free Moovit application and reduce waiting times at the stops.

14 from Turkey. With the addition of Adana as a city, residents, tourists (the application is available in 43 language) and visitors can take advantage of Moovit application in Adana to use public transport with peace of mind. The application, which can be used from Android, iOS and the web page, shows the fastest and easiest routes to passengers by presenting the information of all means of transportation in a region. Adana was added to Moovit with the help of the local community and users mapping all buses, private public buses and metro lines in the city center. “It is amazing to improve the lives of everyone who uses public transport in Adana, and to motivate other people who know the transport system, Ş says Şakir. Currently 65% of the information in the application is created by Mooviters who want to contribute to their cities.

The free Moovit app provides users with time by combining corporate transportation information directly with users' live information. kazanIt is a transportation application that eliminates most of the problems that can be experienced while traveling with public transportation. Moovit users can also add notifications about unexpected cancellations, service changes, interior cleaning, and more via the app, so everyone can have a better travel experience.

In addition to the bus line and time information, you can also see service changes that will affect your journey, such as a removed stop, a canceled trip. "Our goal is to make their lives easier by providing transportation between all the latest information from our users handful of cities." Says Operations Manager Ryan Yurga's share Moovit Turkey.

Finally, companies that want to increase the number of customers entering their doors can now easily direct their customers to their shops by public transport. Moovit, the world's #1 public transport app, is a collection of many free options that can be easily added to the company's website or Android / iPhone app recently. Moovit for Developersintroduced.

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