Minister Arslan, Our aim is to get more share in world transportation

Minister Arslan, Our goal is World Transport in getting more share: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, "Yavuz Sultan Selim and Osmangazi Bridges also 18 basis in March to be taken 1915 Canakkale Bridge also between regions to facilitate transport and Turkey than the world of transportation it was made to get more shares. mas

Arslan, in his speech at the General Assembly of the International Transporters Association (UND), pointed out the importance of establishing a healthy infrastructure for transportation which is a sine qua non for trade and economy.

Turkey's transport infrastructure of 14 years a large distance greater that and go that way to transfer Arslan, international transport corridors said they perform complementary studies that the geography of the transportation pie order to get the share in Turkey.

Arslan said, iyor We do not ignore this big photo while building the divided roads, bridges and tunnels. We complete the corridors from east to west, from north to south. In doing so, of course, we are trying to facilitate the social life of our people. En

Ahmet Arslan, Turkey's growth in the transport sector, the development, stressed that the sine qua non of 2023 years 500 billion export target in the capture.

Arslan said that they attach importance to the establishment of a healthy commercial structure together with the infrastructure.

. While keeping your trade strong, while improving your infrastructure, if you do not simplify your work at customs gates, a foot remains lame. We really thank the Customs and Trade Minister Bülent Tüfenkci. Our bureaucrat colleagues bring together all the parties of the sector with the logistic master work put forward before the Logistics Coordination Board and determine the ways we should take to walk to the targets. We would like to thank Mr. Prime Minister. I'm a witness. especially when we talked about the transportation units in the gates and the single window of the Ministry of Customs and Trade. Then there was an extraordinary stubbornness. We made it easier to break the stubborn caste. Good thing we've made it easier, it's good that we came today. İyi

”Bureaucrat is wedge“

Ahmet Arslan, in this area, but faster walking in a way that should be expressed by expressing, ya the way to break the shackles in our feet before the bureaucratic oligarchy to get rid of. You're pulling that, we're shooting. You go on the field as a politician, you make a promise. You're being chosen. The bureaucratic oligarchy comes into play there. He says' Your promise and destination don't bind me. Because I don't think the same thing as you. ' Good citizen will ask me to account. 'I have to add our day to the night to implement the government program, which is my promise.' Call. Bureaucrat is wedged because he doesn't like it. First we will be dried from it so that we can draw a healthy way. Ağ

Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said: iniz If your destination is not clear, the road will take you where it wants. If your target is certain the road will lead you to the target. Ini Arslan quoted him as follows:

“Our goal is clear. The distance we've made over the years in 14 is very successful. Sector 3-4 has grown by a large number. However, we had our 2023 targets today, and then we should be talking. What does this change bring for him? Let me tell you what's in line with your expectations. Yes, we will do the infrastructure, transport from logistics will no longer. We will not only see logistics as transport; customs, economics, agriculture, environment, international trade. It is a part of this to bring our ambassadors abroad from being unmanageable men to the level they know they are there to facilitate your work. The folks see the logistics of the truck, just like a truck carrying a piece of land away from somewhere. But not so. Even the attitude of the Ambassador is part of the logistics. Here is what we want, logistics is an understanding of how everything is considered together, considered and the goal is a common point. Everyone has to take the night to walk to that destination. May the President pay the night off. May the Prime Minister spend the night. Someone. But some people try to stop them. That's not what we want.

”Together we will carry our country forward“

Arslan stated that they have made a serious struggle in order to facilitate transportation and make international agreements. In As a government, with our team-mates taking the example of our President adına If you are, if you are strong, our existence will continue; folks will support us to be there. We think. Together, we will carry our country ahead. Hep

Arslan, Yavuz Sultan Selim and Osmangazi Bridges will be laid foundation at 18 March. 1915 Dardanelles bridge between the regions also make it easier to transport and to ensure that Turkey has made the world take a greater share of transportation, he said.

Transferring the transportation corridors they planned to the north-south axis, not only in the east-west direction, also added that they have completed the stage of transportation.

Arslan, dar in particular, there is a contraction caused by container transport. We can revise the project so that it can serve different kinds of people and make it a proj build-operate-transfer Onu. We started the construction of the Port of Filyos. As soon as the end of the structure of the upper-structure 'build-operate-transfer', 'he said.

Arslan said that they are working to create new markets while making trade facilitation with countries.

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