The Eurasian Tunnel is now much more comfortable

Passing through the Eurasia Tunnel is now much more convenient: The Eurasia Tunnel, which eases transportation as the shortest route between two continents in Istanbul, facilitates the lives of drivers with its advanced technology-based services.

The toll of the Eurasia Tunnel is now It started to be paid at. Drivers can easily pay the toll if they have insufficient funds in their HGS and OGS accounts, are not included in any automatic payment system or switch to a violation.

The Eurasia Tunnel, which connects the continents of Asia and Europe for the first time with a two-storey highway tunnel under the sea floor, has reduced the journey time between continents to 5 minutes. 7 day The Eurasia Tunnel, which attracts great attention by providing uninterrupted service at 24 hours, now offers drivers the convenience of paying the toll on the website.

Instant payment from computer, tablet and mobile phone

With a new application in the highway sector, the toll payments of the Eurasia Tunnel are now can be done at. With the application, drivers who do not have sufficient balance in their HGS and OGS accounts, are not included in any automatic payment system and switch violations; learn tolls with license plate, ID or tax numbers. Drivers will be able to pay the toll safely, quickly and easily with a credit card on the website without going to banks and authorized institutions.

Accessible through computers, mobile phones, tablets and mobile devices can be accessed through the system with the drivers, learning the transition information, the criminal process to prevent the application.

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