Local electric bus attack from Karsan and Bozankaya

The domestic electric bus attack from Karsan and Bozankaya: Bozankaya and Karsan signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the production of electric bus, which attracted great interest by local authorities in urban transportation.

Bozankaya and Karsan signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the production of electric buses, which attracted a great deal of attention from local authorities. In this scope, the first national electric bus E-Karat will be produced in the production facilities of Karsan in Bursa, which Bozankaya has developed with the R & D facilities and patented the battery management system and commercialized in 2016.

900 bus to be produced

Karsan, with its cooperation with Bozankaya, aims to produce 3 electric buses during 900 annual contract. Karsan CEO Okan Baş pointed out that electric vehicle projects have recently risen all over the world and Istanbul Electric Tram and Tunnel Enterprises General Directorate (IETT) plans to buy electric buses in 2017. 's infrastructure combined with a strong and experienced in the production of electric buses in both abroad and in Turkey, we believe we will have many opportunities. Ün The new production, which will be realized by combining the strength of the engineering and know-how of Karsan with the production capability and experience of Bozankaya, will give a new inspiration to the city transportation and our sector. Kars

Exports to bear

The future of the sector in the R & D work in 2010 indicating that they started Bozankaya Chairman Aytunç Günay said aya We introduced our first electric bus E-Karat at 2014 IAA Hannover Fair. E-Karat, which started to carry passengers in Konya and Eskişehir in 2016, will be operating in İzmir in the first half of 2017. In Germany, our 17 E-Karat roads and exports will reach a few times this number as soon as possible Almanya.

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