3. 2 at the airport. runway construction did not start

3 at the Airport. construction of the runway has not started: The construction of the third runway has been completed at the third airport, which is under construction at a rapid pace. Construction works for the terminal are continuing at an increasing pace with the arrival of spring. The target for the opening, 2 February 26.

While all these studies are being done, there is a discussion about the runway. 3 according to plan. The airport will be opened with two parallel runways in the north-south direction (18-36 direction). These runways are located on the west side of the main terminal. The construction of the first runway was substantially completed. However, construction of the second runway has not yet started.

In the stages of the operator's IGA website, Faz1A is switched to Faz2018B after 2 is opened with the runway at the end of 1. 2020 eventually 3. The runway will be located in the north-south direction on the east side of the terminal.

Phase 3, the east-west direction will be 4 runway is planned to the end of 2022. It is also called north-south 4 in the north-south direction. He'il watch the runway.


One of the questions raised in this regard is the direction of the changing wind in Istanbul. Due to the changes in the wind direction in recent years, the runway of 05 / 23 is being used intensively, for example at Atatürk Airport. The capacity is used efficiently with the planning of the descent on the runway in the direction of 05 / 23 and the departures on the runway in the direction of 17 / 35.

It is pointed out that these changes in the wind brought Turkish Airlines to the IGA. THY, 'two north-south runways can be adversely affected by the operation,' he said the 05 / 23 direction of the request to be made as a priority, IGA'nin among the information initiated by the studies.

Source : www.kokpit.aero

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