Karşıyaka 150 ton steel bridge for tramway

Karşıyaka 150 ton steel bridge for tram: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Karşıyaka The installation of the 37 meter bridge, which was established on the Bostanlı Creek on the tram route, was completed in as little as three days. With the establishment of the 150 ton steel bridge, the connection between Alaybey and Mavişehir was also ensured.

Starting from January, test drives between Mavişehir and Bostanlı have started. Karşıyaka An important threshold was passed on the tram. Installation of the 37 meter long steel bridge, which will allow the tram to pass Bostanlı Creek and reach Alaybey from there, has been completed. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality completed the installation of the bridge, which has a production of 15 tons and lasts 150 days, in just three days. 9 lines and one truss will be mounted on the 2 meter wide steel bridge, round trip.

14 kilometer planned as 8.8 stall Karşıyaka The tram line will start from Alaybey and continue along the beach, including departure and arrival, and will run double lines by the sea from Suat Taşer Open Air Theater. After this, the tram, which will continue as two separate lines on the sea and land side, will unite in the Bostanlı Deresi Köprü area and go to Cahar Dudayev Boulevard from Cengiz Topel and Selçuk Yaşar streets and complete its route at Ataşehir Station at the end of the Mavişehir İZBAN Depot.

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