Domestic Scissors and Panel Carrying Rails on Rails

Domestic Scissors and Panel Carrying Rail on Rails: With domestic production, scissors are assembled in a short time without deteriorating the factory settings Yer

Time and workforce as well as great foreign exchange gain Zaman

Production of prototypes was carried out at TCDD Rail Factory and then the use of 5 Scissors and Panel Carriage Wagons, which were produced entirely domestic and national, was started.

Scissor sets installed in 5 Scissors and Panel Carriers from Çankırı Scissor Factory were delivered to Türkoğlu (Kahramanmaraş) station and Pamukova (Sakarya) Stations.

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın'' Prototype Scissor and Panel Carrying Wagon '' was designed in order to carry the scissors to a desired location in the Ray Plant located in Ankara Behiçbey.

The factory, which was designed with the facilities and capabilities of the factory, was fully prototyped in domestic production. Prototype scissor transport wagons were manufactured as empty and loaded.

After the completion of the cruise tests, the prototype scissor transport wagon was modeled by the domestic manufacturers and 5 units were produced. 5 wagon was delivered to the Scissor Factory in Çankırı.

2 19 was transported to Kahramanmaras Turkoglu Station on Thursday with the use of complete Scissor Transport Wagons without dismantling the XNUMX pieces of scissors. After Türkoğlu, the transportation of scissor tools to Pamukova station was successfully carried out.


With the wagons produced in accordance with TSI approval, it has become possible to assemble and assemble all types of scissors safely, in a team, without dismantling.

These wagons can be assembled and transported with 3 meters, in addition to the 75 meter-length shears.

Since there is a lighting system on it, it is possible to transport, lower and install the scissors with the wagons suitable for operation at any time of the day without needing to change the factory settings.

With the introduction of the wagons that open the way for domestic production, the installation of scissors that can be done in a day with 20 workers is done with 4 workers in such a short time as 2 hours and saves time and labor expenses in maximum.

Scissor Carriage Wagon, which has a import cost of approximately 3 million TL, was manufactured to local production with 820 thousand TL, thus avoiding the significant amount of foreign exchange abroad.

Considering the average of the years 600 points change at different stations in conventional railway lines in Turkey when carrying wagons of domestic Scissors, labor and how it provides important benefits emerging from the economic point of view.

Scissors and Panel Carriages can be used in high speed train and fast lines as in conventional lines.

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