The work on the capital continues without disrupting traffic

Work in Başkentray continues without disrupting traffic: Work in Başkentray continues fast without interrupting traffic day and night.

In Başkent City, which is being built in Ankara to provide solutions to urban traffic problems and to provide modern rail service to the residents of Ankara, work continues rapidly without interrupting the day and night traffic.

Within the scope of Başkentray Project;

-The dismantling of the superstructure materials of the existing lines has been completed.

- Electrification dismantling works were completed between Tulip - Ankara - Kayaş Stations.

-Ankara-Sincan 3 km, between Ankara-Kayaş 6 km stone wall was built.

-Sıhhıye Railway Bridge (Vehicles Underpass), Hacettepe Railway Bridge (Vehicles Underpass) and Kurtuluş Railway Bridge (Vehicles Underpass) were completed.

-The construction of the pillars of the Sıhhiye Bridge was completed and the construction of the middle legs was started.

-The construction of Hacettepe Bridge 21 × 5 meters with two spans is in the process of completion.

-Kurtuluş Bridge (Vehicle Underpass) beam installation was completed.

-Golden 1. and 2. Bridges (Vehicles Underpass) bridge decks assembly work has been completed.

-Saimekadın Railway Bridge (Vehicles Underpass) and Mamak Bridge were destroyed.

- Construction of Railway Bridge (Vehicles Underpass) has started in Mamak.

-Saklıbahçe Railway Bridge (Vehicles Underpass) and Üreğil Railway Bridge (Vehicles Underpass) manufacturing works have started.

-Topkaya Railway Bridge (Vehicles Underpass) and Kayaş Railway Bridge (Vehicles Underpass) were completed.

5 train between Sincan and Kayaş every minute…

In order to differentiate between commuter line and high speed and conventional train operations, between Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş; A new railway line is being constructed between 4 between Ankara and Kayaş, 6 between Ankara and Marsandiz and 5 between Marsandiz and Sincan.

All of the stations on the line are being redesigned and constructed to be suitable for the use of disabled citizens.

In Sincan, Lale, Etimesgut, Hippodrome, Yenişehir, Mamak and Kayaş stations, where the passenger traffic is intense, passengers' food, books, newspapers and so on. closed station areas will be created to meet their needs easily. Within the scope of the project, YHT West Transfer Station will be constructed in Etimesgut Emirler.

A train will be operated every minute from 5 to Sincan-Kayaş-Sincan. 200 will serve thousands of passengers a day.

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