Governor Gül Visited TCDD Sivas Concrete and Traverse Factory

Governor Gül Visited TCDD Sivas Concrete and Traverse Factory: Sivas Governor Davut Gül visited the Votorantim Cement Factory and Concrete and Traverse Factory operating in the province and made reviews.

Governor Davut Gül, who first visited the Votorantim Cement Factory, was welcomed by the factory's general manager Yusuf Yenigün. Our Governor Gül, who then had dinner with the workers in the factory, sohbet He.

After obtaining information about the factory from the General Manager Yenigün for a while, Gül visited the production sites, the control room and the laboratories of the factory and talked to the authorities about the operation.

Stating that the factory has been serving our country with Sivas for years, Gül said, “It is important that you realize it with new investments during the period when the facility is about to complete its economic life. This means that; it will continue to serve for years. Hopefully, as in the past, this quality production will continue by providing customer satisfaction. ”

Referring to the call of “Employment mobilization” made by our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Gül also said, “Our President instructed both the private sector and the public to provide as much employment as possible and the governors to follow it. This is one of our goals to come here. It will contribute to this employment in your factory. We, as the state, open our doors 24 hours a day, whatever we can do regarding the opening of your investments, the obstacles in front of the investments. ” said.

Gul then went to the Concrete and Traverses Factory and toured the production areas there. Receiving information about the latest situation of the factory from Factory Manager Ali Karabey, Gül noted that the factory contributed significantly to the employment of our province, and noted that new investments should be made in the factory.



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