Urban transportation in Western cities and Bursa

Urban transportation in Western cities and Bursa: One of the most important problems of our cities is the urban transportation. Our city is also getting its share from these problems. In a recent study conducted on a world-wide scale, Istanbul is the world's 2. 2 in our country in Bursa when the big traffic problem city. Great traffic is identified as a problematic city.

Despite the fact that many investments have been made in the light rail system, which we have brought to the start-up phase of our construction, which we have done in our time, we have not been able to provide a comfort in urban transportation.

As a matter of fact, both national and international researches show this.

Among the most important reasons of this, there are many reasons such as not opening new roads, the construction of a subway construction that will bring down a part of the traffic to the underground in the city center that we have been voicing for many years, the delay of the new lines of the rail system, etc.

We have expressed our opinions and thoughts on these issues in many places including these grounds and we continue to bring them.

What we want to point out here is not the new projects related to urban traffic, but the problems in the current system and how this system works in cities in western countries. We want to give some examples from these cities.

Let us start with some of the failures and wrong applications in the light rail system;

The fact that the rail system is not connected with the city center (lack of underground subway to the city center), especially the lack of car park at the first stop of the rail system, the lack of the number of wagons, the lack of capacity of light rail stations according to the 5 type 4 and the lack of capacities of the rail system, passenger carriage, subscription and smart card application created by the carcass, from the rail system stops close to the vertical lines (bus minübüs tram, etc.), etc. can not be established. as..

We would like to give examples of public transportation operation and pricing practices in some big cities of the EU with the thought of eliminating these shortcomings and disruptions and working and smart card system to be useful for development and spreading.

Germany Berlin; Like many cities in Germany, Berlin has a great transport system built with metro, bus and tram. All public transport can be used within 2 hours with a ticket.

For tourists visiting Berlin, the Welcome Card is valid for 72 hours unlimitedly on the entire transportation network and provides 50% discount on the entrance to museums and archaeological sites in the city.

For Berliners, the 3-month freizeit subscription card is valid in all vehicles.

England-London is in the private sector with the operation of the urban transportation system in London, which has the most established metro system in Europe. Different and discounted versions of the standard card are used for subscription, children and families, while children are offered free transportation opportunities, while students have a 30% discount.

Spain-Madrid; In Madrid, the capital of Spain, the system directs the people of Madrid to use monthly or annual subscriptions. In this way, prices drop by one third. Discount for students is 30%.

France Paris; The high standard Paris has achieved in urban transportation, which is one of the most expensive capitals of Europe, is indisputable. The rail public transport system extends to every point of the city and even to neighboring settlements. The public transport administration encourages the use of monthly and annual subscription cards, thereby reducing the cost of travel by up to one-third. Students receive a 30% fiat discount.

Italy Roma; As in other EU countries, the use of a subscription card in Rome can reduce the cost of travel to one quarter or even cheaper. Europe's oldest and most beautiful city, Rome, is one of the cities with the cheapest public transportation fee in the EU.

- All these and other major cities all have a common, comfortable and regular urban public transport system.

- In most of these cities, 24 hours are working actively in order to meet the needs of public transportation systems.

Again in all these cities, the maintenance and repair work of public transportation is carried out regularly and the fleet of 2-3 buses is renewed annually.

- In all of these cities, the subway is the main element of the rail public transportation system. Bus is a side system that supports subway.

Bicycle paths in European cities are indispensable for cities. You can safely go anywhere you want in Paris, Berlin, Helsinki, London by bicycle on special bicycle paths.

In our city and other big cities in the light of the practices we tried to summarize briefly above;

-Active, cheap weekly, monthly, annual and family subscription system should be established,

-Rayy system tickets must be valid in all public transportation vehicles

-Tracking vehicles should always be kept and kept clean,

-Tracking vehicles should be operated on an hourly basis, including the means of transport,

-People should move within the public transportation vehicles, especially during the peak hours of morning and evening, not as a stack of fish, but as human beings and should be able to travel through private or priority lanes in traffic.

Ziya South

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